Insights into Chelsea Handler and Heather McDonald’s strained relationship

As they were.

Long before comedian Chelsea Handler teamed up with Netflix and Heather McDonald to turn her penchant for hot gossip into a hit podcast aptly titled “Juicy Scoop” starring an army of Juicy Scoopers, the two were just stand-up Comics determined to create their own… together. The story goes that the duo first met at a bar while performing stand-up. But it wasn’t until years later, after the birth of McDonald’s first son, that the two got back together. McDonald began appearing on Handler’s all-girls comedy show, and when Handler began “Chelsea Lately,” she typed in McDonald as the writer. And the rest is pretty much history!

“She’s not wrong and if you ever need anything, she’s great,” McDonald gushed about her then-boss during a 2013 interview. “You don’t have to ask her either, for example someone had left their iPhone in the office and a person came in and stole it… within an hour Chelsea had her assistant go and buy the girl a new iPhone.” It’s just such little things that you don’t even have to ask or think about it and she’s just really generous and awesome. But unfortunately things didn’t always stay that warm between the comedians…

Chelsea Handler accused Heather McDonald of sharing personal stories about her

Pop culture fan Heather McDonald has the juicy scoop, but is she selling (or rather trading) it to Us Weekly?

In January 2016, McDonald made headlines after appearing on the Allegedly podcast with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss. During the nearly 54-minute podcast, McDonald opened up about her time working for Chelsea Handler on the set of Chelsea Lately. While McDonald said many flattering things about her time with Handler, one of the revelations managed to ruffle Handler’s feathers. “I’ve lived in fear. 100% lived in fear,” McDonald confessed to Von and Weiss of working on the late-night comedy talk show. Famous. Last. Words.

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Shortly thereafter, the snippet was picked up wherever Handler took the opportunity to scold McDonald during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show. Handler told host Howard Stern she could have fired McDonald after learning she traded personal stories about Handler for pictures of herself in Us Weekly, but decided against it. “She had a job for four more years. I never hung out with her in person again,” Handler said. “So I hope she lived in fear. It’s not an internment camp. If you’re that scared, get a job.” Yikes.

Chelsea Handler is adamant there never was a feud

As you can imagine, McDonald went into the defense following Chelsea Handler’s allegation that Heather McDonald was “swapping” personal stories about her. “I feel bad about how this whole thing turned out this week,” McDonald told People. “I had a wonderful time working on ‘Chelsea Lately.’ My words were taken out of context and I’m sorry if they hurt anyone,” she lamented. “Yet I’ve never sold or traded Chelsea Handler stories to help myself,” she claimed. “It’s not true. It never happened. It is a damning allegation which I firmly deny.”

Thankfully, by 2017, tensions between the former colleagues and friends appeared to have cooled. “We didn’t have a feud. We really didn’t have any. It was just overdone. And yes, I’m sure we settled it. I haven’t seen her.” Handler revealed to a curious viewer on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” Handler added, “I have no feud with her. Of course not. she is a girl I don’t fight with other girls.”

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Let the past rest!