Insights into Candace Cameron Bure’s strained relationship with The Hallmark Channel

This holiday season on Hallmark Channel will look different given Candace Cameron Bure’s split from the network. With Christmas just around the corner, her departure has left fans wondering where Bure and Hallmark stand – and if she’ll ever bring her Christmas cheer back to the channel.

Bure has been Hallmark’s Queen of Christmas since 2008. The Full House star was with the network for 14 years and helped create 29 different projects, including Christmas Under Wraps, Christmas Sister Swap and Christmas Town, according to Southern Living. But even though Bure became a permanent part of the network, it didn’t come without a price. In 2021, the actress opened up about the pressure she felt to consistently top each of her Christmas movies. “There’s always a pressure not to have a repeating story; the replays, the same tropes you can fall into on a Hallmark movie,” Bure told E! News. “There’s pressure, but I’m very aware of what those elements are and try my best to make it fresh and new every year.”

Just months after she was open about her feelings, Bure announced a bold career move: she would be leaving Hallmark for good. As Christmas creeps around the corner, Hallmark executives are opening up about their relationship with their now-former Christmas Queen.

Candace Cameron Bure left Hallmark for her competition

Not only were fans shocked to learn that Candace Cameron Bure would no longer be on the Hallmark Channel — but also that their favorite Christmas star had signed with Hallmark’s competitor, Great American Family. And let’s just say Bure’s move doesn’t seem to have kept her in the best of shape at her former channel.

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Hallmark CEO Lisa Hamilton Daly opened up at a press conference ahead of the upcoming holiday season and revealed that they are always open to new talent when it comes to their upcoming holiday films and the talent that will star in them. While Daly Bure didn’t name a name, she did hint that the relationship may have gone sour since the star’s departure. “I think there’s a lot of talent out there that we’ve worked with in the past that GAC is working with now,” Daly said during a news conference (via Variety). “I think we’re also constantly trying to develop the talent pool that we work with. We’ve kept almost everyone, I think, which we’re really looking forward to,” said Daly, shadowing the channel’s former Queen of Christmas.

Candace Cameron Bure also subtly shaded Hallmark

Hallmark might have subtly shaded her former Queen of Christmas during a recent press conference for the upcoming holiday season, but Candace Cameron Bure wasn’t afraid to do the same. In fact, despite spending 14 years with the network, Bure didn’t thank her former company when she announced her move to Great American Family. “I’m always looking for ways to inspire people to live meaningful lives. [GAF] fits my brand perfectly; We share a vision of creating compelling, wholesome content for an audience that wants to watch programming for and with the whole family,” Bure said in a statement (via Today). “Great, quality entertainment with a positive message is what I work with [GAF] everything is about.”

When Bure announced her departure, Hallmark noted in a statement that it “respected” Bure’s decision and “thanked” her for what she had done for the channel, according to Newsweek. It seems like the holidays are fast approaching, but these two are no longer getting their Christmas cheer on in regards to their former relationship. Considering Bure will be helping produce GAF’s original Christmas content for this holiday season, she and Hallmark might be more interested in sending each other coal than cheering each other when Christmas rolls around.

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