Insights into Adam Levine and Jason Segel’s longstanding friendship

Adam Levine began collecting celebrity friends long before he and country singer Blake Shelton started bickering back and forth on “The Voice.” Levine and “Superbad” actor Jonah Hill were best friends growing up, with Hill telling Playboy that her parents were friends first. “We watched movies, played basketball, skateboarded and stuff like that,” he said of their idyllic childhood. “Listen, Adam was like family and still is.”

The musician and actor both attended Los Angeles’ prestigious Brentwood School, where Levine met the members of his first band, Kara’s Flowers, per Reuters. A few of these guys would still be rocking with him if Maroon 5 got the big hit. Levine also became friends with actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who revealed they first hit it off in elementary school. During an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show,” Gyllenhaal also confirmed that being in a band in high school made Levine quite a popular man.

Aside from his bandmates, Levine appears to have been the only member of his high school friend group who didn’t become an actor — he and “How I Met Your Mother” star Jason Segel also formed a close bond that lasted long after they graduated .

Jason Segel played a major role in Adam Levine’s wedding

It was Jonah Hill who introduced Jason Segel to Adam Levine while they all attended high school together. In a 2012 interview with DetailsSegel revealed that fame hadn’t affected his friendship with the rocker — they still found time to hang out and reminisce about the good ol’ days. “We usually eat dinner when we meet and then sit around and listen to music. And then we’ll just talk,” said Segel. “We remind each other that we were just kids who happened to be good at what we do.”

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They remained so close that Segel was asked to be best man when Levine married Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo in 2014, according to People, and Hill also played a major role in the couple’s nuptials by officiating the wedding ceremony.

In case you’re curious about what Segel did in high school while Levine was already living the rock star life, making his mark on the basketball court, winning a state championship and earning the nickname Dr. Dunk Los Angeles Times. He told NPR his goal was to play college basketball, but his drama teacher tricked him into auditioning for a Paramount executive by making him think he was going to a practice audition for school. And after Segel’s acting career took off, Levine gave him a taste of the life of a rock star.

Jason Segel performed at Maroon 5 concerts

Adam Levine and Jason Segel dodged each other when they found fame: Levine appeared in “American Horror Story,” and Segel showed off his musicianship in the 2008 comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” which ends with the actor performing a rock opera performs with a Dracula doll. Segel told NPR that he really wanted to do a similar musical early in his career. He even asked Judd Apatow for feedback on a song he had written, and recalled the director telling him, “You can never play that for anyone — ever.”

But in 2010, Segel performed “Dracula’s Lament” during a Maroon 5 concert at the Greek Theater, per The Orange County Register. He also played the role of his friend’s hype man, introducing Maroon 5 as “the greatest band in rock ‘n’ roll history”. Segel previously opened for the group during a concert at St. John’s University in Queens and a New Year’s Eve show in Las Vegas. “There was a room monitor who told him not to swear earlier. But I knew the crowd would love him,” Levine told Rolling Stone of the former.

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Levine once again proved how loyal he is as a friend in 2015 when Segel promoted his film The End of the Tour. Levine invited Segel’s colleagues to a party at his home during awards season, telling the Los Angeles Times, “If I didn’t love him, I wouldn’t.”