Inside Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold’s relationship

You and The Haunting of Hill House actress Victoria Pedretti quickly found her way into the spotlight. Her fame hasn’t faded since then, with roles on Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood and Shirley, among others. Due to her extensive work in the horror genre, Pedretti was even dubbed a “certified scream queen” by L’Officiel.

Offscreen, Pedretti shared her hope with E! News that her “you” character Love is teaching audiences about self-love (“and not [to] dating a serial killer”). Less was reported about Pedretti’s true love life, however. Showbiz CheatSheet noted prior to the release of “You” season 3 that, unlike her co-star Penn Badgeley, Pedretti is childless and that they found the dolls , with which they had to act, “terrifying”.

One “You” co-star that Pedretti is said to be particularly close to is Dylan Arnold, who portrays Theo Engler in Season 3 of the show. Fans have naturally wondered if, as discussed by Newsweek, Pedretti and Arnold’s chemistry on the show carried over into real life.

Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold are a couple

After the two were spotted out and about in early November 2021, rumors began circulating that “You” co-stars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold were more than friends (via Page Six. Other outlets, including Humans, quickly grabbed the speculation on, did but I hear nothing from representatives of both stars.

Luckily for fans supporting the couple, it didn’t take long for the rumors of Pedretti and Arnold’s relationship status to be confirmed. That’s correct; the news broke that Pedretti and Arnold were indeed dating. An unidentified source told Entertainment Tonight in November 2021, “Victoria Pedretti and her You co-star Dylan Arnold are dating and have been for about a few months.”

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Unfortunately, this source is the only confirmation fans have received that Pedretti and Arnold are dating. Neither actor has publicly confirmed their relationship, nor have they reacted to the paparazzi photos taken of the two together.

Her You characters were romantically linked

In addition to their reported real-life relationship, Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold’s characters Love Quinn and Theo Engler were romantically involved in an extramarital affair on season 3 of “You.” Although Arnold plays a much younger character than Pedretti in “You,” the two actors are actually only about a year old, with Arnold being older than Pedretti, according to Marie Claire.

While Pedretti hasn’t spoken out about her true relationship with her fellow actor, she has spoken out about her characters’ relationship. Pedretti promoted You Season 3 in an interview with Elle and said of her character Love Quinn’s affair with Arnold’s Theo Engler, “She gets a glimpse of how maybe she should be treated where someone really cares about her well-being — in a way that her parents don’t really respect, and that her husband doesn’t respect very much, and that her brother didn’t respect very much.”