Inside Niki and Gabi DeMartino’s Rocky Relationship

In 2012, the YouTube channel Niki and Gabi debuted their very first video, Demi Lovato Inspired Curls Tutorial. In the beginning, both twins shot videos separately and shared what viewers would later recognize as their very different personalities. Tutorials, hauls, and closet tours introduced the world to the DeMartino twins.

However, as the channel continued to grow, Niki and Gabi started making videos together, the first of their collaborations being “A School Day Vlog” which showed the twins during a normal high school day. Nowadays, Niki and Gabi’s channel is mostly focused on collaborating for games, challenges and miniseries.

The DeMartino twins have been sharing their lives online for a decade, giving their followers a glimpse into different facets of their everyday lives. This has allowed many to see how their relationship has evolved over the years, including some tragic events that they have witnessed. A sibling relationship can be difficult, and unlike some, Niki and Gabi DeMartino have navigated their rocky relationship in public.

After Gabi moved out, Niki felt like a loner

As many people know, twins share a special bond. However, just because they look alike (or even think alike) doesn’t mean they never disagree. Fans of Niki and Gabi DeMartino took note of the tension in the sisters’ relationship through their individual channels. In 2019, Niki posted a video on her personal channel, I’m Living in Someone Else’s Shadow, where she talked about how she felt after Gabi undressed without telling her. “I knew why she did what she did, but it hurt no less,” Niki explained. While she understood why her twin made the choice, it hurt her to find out through a fancy vlog.

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Everyone saw them as a combo and it seemed like Niki did too. In the same video, she shares how she felt like a loner. Gabi had moved out and started a different life in which her duo was not the focus. “I’ve never been a loner and I’ve never lived in isolation because I had a twin sister. And then I think as Gabi started to form her independence and break away from me, I think I started to become a little bit of a loner.”

Niki and Gabi talk to Gabbie about their problems

There will always be YouTube feuds as content creators continue to grow, but nobody wants to see an ongoing feud between twin sisters. Niki and Gabi DeMartino have been very open about the troubles in their relationship, especially when they sat down with YouTube star Gabbie in her The Real Reason We Don’t Get Along video. They both felt Gabbie was the best person to step in because she knew both sides of the story, having been friends with both sisters for a long time. The video goes back and forth between Niki and Gabi sitting one on one with Gabbie and opening up about their rocky relationship.

On one hand, Gabi admits, “I just wrote her off as a mean person,” referring to her twin and how everything she does seems to upset Niki. She also mentions that she wanted Niki to “stop blaming me for everything.”

On the other hand, Niki talks about needing her sister, saying, “She seems to feel like she doesn’t need me the way I feel like I need her.” But one of her biggest problems seems to be being the constant comparisons and disparagements she received from Gabi’s fans: “Her specific fans comment on my stuff and call me the Jessica’s Ashlee Simpson … They always say there’s always a more dominant twin.” Gabi is Cole Sprouse, Niki is Dylan.”

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YouTube break of Niki and Gabi’s collaboration

Although they started out as Niki and Gabi, they became increasingly focused on their individual channels. This change in content creation culminated in Niki and Gabi taking a channel break from November 2020 — their last video was “Black Friday Haul 2020!” — until March 2021, returning with “We’re Back & Where We’ve Been” . In the months between the videos, both Niki and Gabi continued to expand their personal channels and showed people what their lives were like and what they were up to. Gabi got engaged and Niki expanded her music career. Although they were still in front of the camera, they didn’t do it together, and viewers began to wonder why.

Her comeback video provided an explanation of what was going on. “We tried three times to shoot this video,” Gabi said as they both sat in front of a camera in their headquarters with no challenges, games or disguises. The video had a very emotional tone as she showed off her hand shaking at how nervous she was about doing it. The main reason for the video was to explain why they decided to take a break from filming together and why it was time for the duo everyone knows and loves to come back. “A lot happened behind the scenes that led to everything that led to our break,” explained Niki.

Halloween crisis and OnlyFans drama

The DeMartino twins are loved by fans for their videos, but the content that attracts their followers the most is their miniseries or reality shows. On Halloween 2021, they released the first episode of what Niki dubbed Twin-O-Ween, followed by part two in November. During the second part of the series, tensions ran high between the sisters as the party date approached and Gabi freaked out and wanted to cancel the party. This desire to put an end to everything they had planned infuriated Niki.

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The fans witnessed the arguments between Niki and Gabi and, although the party took place, wondered how the relationship was going. Luckily, Gabi addressed the concerns in her vlog and answered the questions I avoided. To the followers’ relief, Gabi clarified, “Niki and I have been working on our relationship as sisters,” and then shared how her sister is now using one of her shorts to replace the comfort blanket that Gabi’s assistant threw away.

In late 2020, Gabi faced another crisis after posting a nude childhood photo on her OnlyFans account. Her account was deactivated and a backlash quickly ensued. In the midst of the scandal, Niki posted on Instagram and wrote: “Many of you know the situation my sister is in. Gabi uploaded an apology video, saying in part, “I’m really sorry… it was definitely a huge… lack of judgement.”

Emotional card game gives insight into their relationship

Another type of video that keeps fans coming back is when the twins play games and answer questions. In June 2022, they released a video on their shared channel in which they played an emotional card game in which they had to answer questions from a card or make up their own questions. Throughout the 12-minute video, Niki and Gabi answer deep, emotional questions that allowed their fans to get a glimpse of their relationship and their struggles both as sisters and as individuals, from Gabi’s broken engagement to Niki’s fears.

In the video, Niki admits, “We’re scared of being alone,” while Gabi says what she thinks holds Niki the most in life: “Your desire to try to please the audience, family members, friends, and relationships . I feel like you never just sit and ask, ‘Why don’t I put myself first?’” These question-and-answer sessions demonstrate a refreshing honesty that resonates with fans. Rocky or not, these twin sisters are linked for life.