Inside Erika Jayne’s unexpected big legal win

Erika Jayne brought the drama from Andy Cohen’s couch to the courtroom. For the past two years, the embattled Bravo Lebrity has faced lawsuit after lawsuit following her failed marriage to disgraced attorney Tom Girardi. Shortly after filing for divorce, Jayne’s estranged husband made headlines when former clients and co-workers surfaced and claimed he had constantly stolen millions of dollars from them throughout his career.

Jayne was dragged into the chaos, with alleged victims claiming she used the stolen funds to fund her extravagant lifestyle. Some even claimed that Jayne’s company, EJ Global, was nothing more than a front for a wide-ranging embezzlement program, according to People. All along, Jayne has maintained that she is completely innocent. She has told co-stars that Girardi has Alziehmers and probably didn’t know what he was doing at the time. She also claimed that her and Girardi’s relationship was so distant that she never questioned where the money came from — she just took what he gave her.

Few believed Jayne—and she paid dearly for it. This summer, amid rumors she was fired from Bravo, Jayne was forced to return a pair of diamond earrings worth $750,000. However, things may finally get better for Jayne thanks to a shocking ruling from a Los Angeles judge.

Erika Jayne gets a clean slate

Erika Jayne has claimed she had nothing to do with her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s alleged embezzlement. On August 31, a court finally ruled in Jayne’s favor, finding that there was no evidence that she had any knowledge of wrongdoing on Girardi’s behalf. In other words, Jayne is in the clear. “All I asked for was some time and some understanding. And today is a good day,” Jayne told reporters, who spotted her shopping hours after the verdict, per the Daily Mail.

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Two of Girardi’s former colleagues brought the $5 million case against Jayne, claiming they “supported and abetted” Girardi in his alleged crimes, according to Page Six. During her testimony, Jayne repeatedly insisted that she was groping in the dark about what Girardi was doing. “Listen, they did all the books at Girardi & Keese. They were responsible for all the books,” she explained. “I didn’t do the calculations.” As a result, Jayne didn’t ask too many questions — she assumed Girardi had everything taken care of.

The news wasn’t all good for Jayne, however. On the day of the sentencing, the Los Angeles Times published an exposé alleging that Girardi wired his lover $300,000 to renovate their extravagant beachfront condo while he was still married to Jayne. “Wow. I knew about jewelry, shopping sprees, and plastic surgery, but that really freaked me out,” Jayne quipped in an Instagram post. You win something, you lose something.