Inside Brendan Fraser’s messy split from his ex-wife

Brendan Fraser is best known for his roles in Encino Man and the Mummy franchises. The American-born actor was a Hollywood pillar in the 1990s with his stunning good looks, charming personality and on-screen versatility. The actor, who starred in comedy, fantasy and action films in his prime, was a steady star before quietly fading from the spotlight.

Financial troubles, an alleged sexual assault by Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Philip Berk, and a bitter divorce battle eventually left Fraser mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. With Fraser struggling to find work afterward, the struggling actor soon fell into a deep depression.

Now, with three kids and a broken marriage, Fraser was still living in the small town of Bedford, New York, as of 2018, per GQ. In his interview with the publication, he revealed that his sons — Griffin, Holden, and Leland — all live with their mother, Afton Smith, in Greenwich, Connecticut, though they’re at his home “all the time.” With three kids on the brink of young adulthood and an ex-wife living across state lines, one has to wonder – what exactly happened between Fraser and his ex-wife?

Brendan Fraser’s divorce turned into an acrimonious financial struggle

Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith first met in 1993 at a barbecue hosted by Winona Ryder, according to The Daily Mail. After a five-year relationship, the couple tied the knot in 1998 and had three children over the course of their nine-year marriage. Upon splitting in 2007, Fraser’s publicist noted that they “continue to share a close and caring friendship” (via Fox News), though the years that followed proved otherwise.

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While it was not known what led to Fraser and Smith’s split in the first place due to the very private nature of their relationship, we do know that the divorce turned into a bitter financial battle between the two, with Smith receiving $900,000 in child support and alimony for children claimed her three children as they were all minors at the time of the divorce. Because his ex-wife was being asked for such a large amount, Fraser was “broke” (per HuffPost) and unable to meet his payment obligations.

That didn’t end Fraser’s troubles, however. Smith claimed that Fraser hid nearly $9 million in new film deals when he settled their divorce in February 2009, to which Fraser countered, claiming he would be making $0 that year as there were no incoming ones at the time Film deals were signed, according to the New York Post. Did the financial problems end by then?

Brendan Fraser endured a decade of financial hardship

Brendan Fraser first filed a request to have his child support reduced in 2013 after sustaining a back injury after trying to remove a fallen tree from his home after Hurricane Sandy. As a result, the actor faced a potential drop in income after months of physical rehabilitation and surgery under advice not to do any stunts of his own. However, the outcome of this legal back and forth has never been revealed to the public.

While it is not known if Fraser was ever able to obtain a child support reduction, what is known is that he was ordered to pay $50,000 a month in child support “until the death of either party, the wife’s remarriage, or [until] Jan. 31, 2019” (per FindLaw) — meaning Fraser is off child support as of this writing after 10 years of financial hardship.

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Luckily, Fraser is now recovering professionally with several roles in the pipeline, including “Brothers” and “Killers of the Flower Moon,” according to IMDb. Most notably, Fraser currently voices Cliff Steele/Robotman on DC’s Doom Patrol.

Brendan Fraser was flooded with love

Although Brendan Fraser’s career is on the up again, his love life seems to have stagnated. The actor is notoriously private; But even the most mysterious of stars will eventually be snapped out with a new squeeze. Or at least becomes the subject of romantic rumors and speculation. But not Frazer. The actor has not been linked with anyone since his bitter divorce battle.

However, he is far from lonely – or unloved. Per MovieWeb, Fraser has been bombarded with a flood of love and support from adoring fans celebrating his career resurgence.

“There are so many people out there who love you and we cheer for you,” a TikToker named Lindley, who won a Q&A with Fraser, told him. “Well, Shucks, ma’am,” the ever-humble, stifled star replied. The video garnered a ton of likes and warm comments. “He’s such a precious cinnamon roll!” wrote a fan.