In The Summer I Turned Pretty Star Christopher Briney’s Real Relationship

Christopher Briney is a rising star with a blossoming romance in real life. The ‘Summer I Turned Pretty’ actor portrays Conrad in the popular series, based on a book by author Jenny Han, alongside co-stars Lola Tung and Gavin Casalegno. During a recent People interview, Briney opened up about his earliest exposure to acting as a young college student. “I did a few plays, and teachers said things that pumped my ego and made me think I could actually do it,” Briney said. “I was very, very lucky,” he added while discussing his accomplishments. Briney then mentioned his circle of creative friends when asked how he spends his time off set. “I enjoy … my friends and my life with my friends,” Briney said. “We’re all creative people, so it’s fun to brainstorm and come up with different projects.”

An independent project that Briney has been a part of — along with someone close to him in his personal life — is a 2021 short called Reasons To Be Pretty, in which Briney starred with Isabel Machado. The two portrayed a couple whose relationship is coming to an end as they come face to face and engage in a tense exchange. Although they convincingly performed the roles of partners who fell at odds in the short film, in real life the two share a very different dynamic.

Christopher Briney is dating fellow actress Isabel Machado

Off-screen is actor Christopher Briney in a longtime romance with Isabel Machado. As reported by PopSugar, Briney and Machado likely met while they were both attending Pace University, and Briney first appeared in a 2018 post on Machado’s Instagram account of the two walking with friends. Machado’s bio states that like Briney, she is a performer who earned an acting degree from Pace. Her resume indicates that she has a background in theater and singing and has appeared in both film projects and web series.

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In June 2022, Briney posted a picture and video of herself and Machado to Instagram, revealing that the two were celebrating being in a relationship for a year. In honor of the milestone, Briney wrote: “A full year!? I could never want anything else.” A month earlier, Machado shared a sweet photo of herself and Briney kissing by a body of water via her social media account. She also mentioned another anniversary of theirs, saying, “Glad to be honest about our feelings … so glad we’re kissing now.” In addition to these tributes, Briney and Machado have shared their positive feelings for each other through numerous other posts and comments shown publicly.

Christopher Briney and Isabel Machado are a supportive and loving couple

Celebrity couple Christopher Briney and Isabel Machado are partners who aren’t shy about showing love and encouragement to one another. On June 17, Briney took to Instagram to share pictures of herself, Machado, and their friends while attending the premiere of “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” and wrote, “Bring you some friends like these.” One of these photos showed him and Machado embracing lovingly on the red carpet of the celebration. Recently, on September 12th, Briney posted pictures of herself from the Toronto International Film Festival on social media. In some of the pictures he was standing next to his legendary “Daliland” co-star Sir Ben Kingsley. Machado wrote in response to her friend, “Proud of you beautiful boy.”

Briney’s comments on Machado’s social media posts show his deep affection for his significant other. On Sept. 15, Machado posted a series of Instagram pictures of herself from a photoshoot, in which Briney commented, “You’re a dream.” Machado also posed in a black midi dress for photos she posted Oct. 7. Briney left another love comment, writing, “Oh wow… just wow.” Those warm feelings are mutual: Machado responded to Briney’s Sept. 19 Instagram post in honor of the premiere of “Daliland,” with the comment, “Love you,” to support Briney’s celebration. These two performers definitely seem to have a sweet love story that only gets stronger with time!

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