In the friendship of Joe Alwyn and Ryan Reynolds

If there’s a few other young stars to turn to for relationship advice, it’s Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively — not that their famous pals Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn need it.

Reynolds found himself on the periphery of Swift’s illustrious roster in 2015. The story of their friendship began when Lively took to Instagram to express her admiration for Swift in her trademark humorous way. Responding to allegations that one of her previous posts was meant to be a dig at Swift, Lively wrote, “Um, whoever thought I was throwing shade clearly doesn’t know I have a ‘Taylor Swift Please Be My Wife Voo Doo Doll ‘have’ (via Entertainment Tonight). By the end of the year, Lively and Swift had become BFFs. Swift was in Australia for her 1989 tour while Lively was there filming The Shallows, so they met up to see some kangaroos and visit an amusement park.

Fans saw photographic evidence that Reynolds was a Swiftie the following year when he and his wife attended Swift’s big Independence Day celebration. He was caught seemingly giving the singer and her then-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston a fatal look. But the “Deadpool” star later assured Entertainment Weekly that he wished no harm to his Marvel pals and Swift. “Unless I know a picture is being taken, my natural still face is that of a dying man,” he explained. We don’t know if Reynolds and Hiddleston ever became brothers, but he’s clearly adored Alwyn, Swift’s squeeze since 2016.

Ryan Reynolds wrote an essay on Joe Alwyn

Luckily for best friends Taylor Swift and Blake Lively, their partners hit it off right away. We first learned of the celebrity foursome’s existence in 2017 when Us Weekly reported that Swift and Joe Alwyn Lively and Ryan Reynolds had visited in Rhode Island. Swift and Alwyn reportedly spent two days chatting up friends before flying to New York.

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Reynolds confirmed he met Alwyn around the same time the “The Favorite” star started dating Swift, in a sweet tribute to his fellow actor’s work. Revealing they had connected more than anyone thought, Reynolds introduced Alwyn to the Time 2022 Time100 Next list. “I’ve known Joe Alwyn for six years — long enough to look someone in the heart,” Reynolds wrote. “Long enough to know if they’re made of good stuff or not. And Joe Alwyn is made of good stuff.” We also learned that the Aviation American Gin co-owner knows exactly what to get his best friend for her birthday. “He lives at the intersection of enigmatic mystery and fun drinking buddy,” Reynolds continued.

But while Alwyn’s acting and conversational skills could be raved about by Reynolds, don’t expect the ‘Conversations with Friends’ star to divulge any details about their friendship. Alwyn doesn’t say much about his life outside of work, explaining to GQ, “It’s a mix of British and personal life.”

Taylor Swift gave Joe Alwyn and Ryan Reynolds a Grammys shoutout

Joe Alwyn and Ryan Reynolds have similar views when it comes to privacy. Alwyn told Elle UK he’s hesitant to reveal too much about himself for fear of more being asked of him, and it couldn’t help Swifties become obsessed with analyzing words, thanks to Taylor Swift’s penchant for Easter eggs and cryptic ones Hints. Reynolds summed up his feelings in an interview with Details, saying, “It’s just hard and almost emotionally violent — for anyone, I think — to see their personal life summed up in one sentence.” But if your significant other is a successful entertainer, you will they sometimes say your name in front of an audience of millions.

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When Swift won the Grammy for Album of the Year in 2021, Alwyn received a sweet shout-out for his “folklore” contributions. “I want to thank Joe who is the first person I play every single song I write and I’ve had the best time writing songs with you in quarantine,” Swift said (via E!). Reynolds and Blake Lively also got a thank you, but Swift described them as Betty’s parents, whose name she borrowed for the title of one of her songs.

The singer revealed that Reynolds and Lively also get to hear their music in front of everyone, and we can’t help but picture Swift, Alwyn and their friends cozily in their matching cardigans during a private listening party.