In James Caan’s relationship with his son Scott

James Caan’s death is tragic. The actor is stuck in fans’ minds as Sonny Corleone in The Godfather and other iconic roles. His son Scott Caan followed in his famous father’s footsteps in acting and rose to fame as Detective Danny “Danno” Williams on the hit series Hawaii Five-0.

James’ family announced the actor’s death on Twitter. “It is with great sadness that we inform you that Jimmy passed away on the evening of July 6th.” After the ‘Brian’s Song’ star’s death was announced, one Twitter user commented, ‘Regards, James Caan was a favourite. .”

According to Closer Weekly, James had five grown children, but only Scott has achieved celebrity status. Since the two seem to have a lot in common – facial especially – what’s the inside tip on James and his son Scott’s relationship?

James Caan and Scott Caan were very close

Legendary actor James Caan had a close relationship with his son Scott Caan. After Scott and Kacy Byxbee welcomed their baby girl into the world in 2014, a source told Us Weekly, “James is very close to him and is very excited.” The two actors looked alike, and despite Scott turning to his dad for advice , he did not always obey it. In an interview with The Fall in 2017, the “Ocean’s Thirteen” star revealed that his father didn’t want him to be an actor. “He knew it was going to be difficult to do this job over and over again, and creatively it’s hard to get excited about playing the same guy for seven years.” Scott added, “My dad’s probably one of those guys most interesting people I’ve ever met.”

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James and Scott even worked together. In a 2010 interview with the Los Angeles Times, the father-son duo spoke about working together on a drama Scott wrote and starred in – “Mercy” – with James as his onscreen father. When asked what he learned about love from his father, Scott replied that James had a few “failed marriage attempts” but never became demoralized. The ‘Hawaii Five-0’ star said, “My dad is a good example of someone who digs into life and says, ‘Yeah, that ripped my heart out, but I’m going to try again.'” Scott told the outlet that his father never made acting a priority because “his family was more important.”