In Elton John’s Beef with Madonna

Madonna has never been one to not speak her mind, be it in her songs or in interviews. Madonna has been on the entertainment scene since the early 1980s and has found herself addressing people the wrong way on more than a few occasions.

In the early 1990s, Madonna didn’t hold back her feelings towards powerhouse singer Mariah Carey. As MTV pointed out in 1995, Madonna allegedly said that Carey “isn’t particularly bright” and that she would “rather kill herself than be Mariah Carey.” In turn, Carey threw shade at the singer, saying she “didn’t pay much attention to Madonna since I was in 7th or 8th grade when she was popular.” Carey isn’t the only pop diva Madonna has clashed with, either. In 2012, Cynthia McFadden asked Madonna what she thought of Lady Gaga. Madonna insisted that Gaga’s “Born This Way” sounded similar to her hit “Express Yourself,” cheekily noting that it felt “reductive.” At one of her concerts, Madonna spoke about Gaga, saying, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” The following year, Gaga clapped back on Howard Stern’s radio show, saying she believed Madonna was “more upset that I’m not upset that.” she doesn’t like me”.

This isn’t the end of Madonna’s list of feuds. She and Elton John have also clashed on multiple occasions.

Elton John said Madonna’s ‘Die Another Day’ was ‘the worst Bond song ever’

Madonna and Elton John might be two of music’s most famous names, but that doesn’t mean they’ve always hit it off. In 2002, Madonna released the single “Die Another Day” for the James Bond film of the same name. Though John claimed he was a “huge fan” of the singer, he didn’t hold back, boldly describing it to Sky News (via CBS News) as “the worst Bond tune ever.” Two years later, John seems still mad at Madonna.

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At the 2004 Q Awards, Madonna took home the trophy for Best Live Act. Later that night at the same awards ceremony, John made it clear on stage how he felt. “Madonna, Best Fucking Live Act? Fuck You!” he said. “Since when is there lip syncing? Anyone who lip-syncs publicly on stage if you’ve paid like £75 to do it should be shot.” ​​Ouch! John joked that he would be crossed off her Christmas card list. However, their spokesman soon had something to say. “Madonna doesn’t lip-sync, nor does she spend her time destroying other artists…Elton John stays on her Christmas card list for being nice…or naughty,” they shared, per CBS News.

John later admitted his comments were “unfair” and said he would personally apologize to the singer. Despite this, Madonna still wasn’t happy with John and refused to perform at his bachelorette party. John told guests that Madonna was a “miserable cow”.

Elton John called Madonna a ‘fairground stripper’

The feud between Elton John and Madonna grew increasingly sour in the years that followed. When they were both nominated for Best Original Song at the 2012 Golden Globes, John said in a pre-awards red carpet interview that Madonna had “not a damn chance” of taking home the award. When informed of John’s salty words, Madonna seemed unfazed, saying, “May the best man win.” John was soon proven wrong when the “Hung Up” hitmaker actually won the award. In a now-deleted Facebook post with husband David Furnish, the couple wrote (via CBS News), “These awards have nothing to do with merit,” before expressing that their acceptance speech was “embarrassing.”

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That same year, John continued to voice his opinions about Madonna. In an Australian television interview (via ABC News), John called the “Material Girl” a “nightmare,” insisting her “career was over,” that she had been “so horrible” to his girlfriend Lady Gaga, and that it was her last tour was “a catastrophe” at the time. But that’s not all. John said she was capable of making good pop music and stated that she should have stayed away from the dance genre, citing her image as a “fucking fairground stripper”.

By 2013, John told Extra that their long-running feud was “over” after apologizing to Madonna when they were both at the same restaurant in France. “She came in and I sent a message. She was very kind,” he said.