In Drake and Jack Harlow’s tight bond

From Big Boi and Andre 300 to Kanye West and Jay-Z, hip-hop thrives on collaborations between geniuses, and the growing friendship between Drake and newcomer Jack Harlow is no exception. Bond Thry stock has become fodder for gossip magazines and social media, with some fans already saying the rookie could be Drake’s heir. It’s certainly not the first time an industry veteran has offered to show a newbie the basics. In case you forgot, Usher masterfully took Justin Bieber from his limp-haired YouTuber days to the global superstar we know today.

We don’t want to rush into assuming that Harlow is a suspect for the same decade-long success that Drake has achieved, but by all appearances he wants it. Plus, Harlow might have the charming demeanor and work ethic to pull it off. Still, only time will tell if Harlow finds his name on the hip-hop wall of fame, but in the meantime – we’re here because of his friendship with Drake.”

The two rappers quickly became friends

A year before Jack Harlow became a TikTok darling with his viral hit “What’s Poppin,” he was a relatively unknown rapper without an album, but that didn’t stop Drake from making his lyrical prowess well known. Harlow stopped by “The Breakfast Club,” where he recalled first meeting rapper “God’s Plan” at a party in Atlanta. “He was walking about the party and he saw me and he came over to me, and by the time I had pretty big eyes I didn’t have a big record out at all,” he recalled (via Rap-High). As it turns out, Drake was a fan of the fellow rapper’s work. It meant the world to me.”

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Within two years, Harlow would have a record-topping number and an entry on Lil Nas X’s number-one single “Industry Baby.” During a sold-out show in Drake’s hometown of Toronto, the aspiring rapper couldn’t help but greet a notable fan. “I was halfway through my performance when I looked up and saw my idol looking at me, man. Toronto, make some noise for the GOAT,” Harlow said. In a video posted to Instagram, Drake can be seen in a VIP booth looking down at his charge.

According to GQ, the “First Class” rapper got an invite back to Drake’s $100 million mansion (aka “The Embassy”) after the show and ahead of a tropical vacation.

Their vacation was the definition of friendship goals

The friendship between Drake and Jack Harlow finally peaked in early 2022. Rapper “6 God” decided to trade freezing Toronto for the sun-kissed beaches of Turks & Caicos, and Harlow went along with it. If you’re still not convinced of their bond, take a look at this video of Harlow standing next to Drizzy while the certified lover boy scans Harlow’s phone. According to Briefly, the moment sent fans into a frenzy, with some asking what Drake might be reading while others wondering why Harlow was hovering over the rapper like a kid waiting for its turn to play a game on your phone to play. It probably wasn’t “Shorty” because the “One Dance” singer made a video telling her not to hit him “because you see me chilling with Jack.”

It looks like the pair had a blast sipping weng wengs in the Caribbean, but while Drake was teaching his brother how to loosen up, Harlow worked hard to get him for a feature on his track “Churchill Downs.” ‘ to refine. As the “Nail Tech” rapper put it (via GQ), “He introduced me to a different kind of relaxation because I’ve never taken a vacation since I started. I’ve never been to the islands or anything.” Before When the two returned home, Harlow got the feature he was looking for and Drake recorded his verse right there in the Caribbean – and it only took 11 minutes.

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