How Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott really got together

Much has been said and written about Tori Spelling’s marriage to Dean McDermott. And while the details of their current status aren’t very clear, they’ve definitely had a lot of good times and bad over the course of their relationship together. In 2021, Spelling subtly addressed any rumors surrounding her marital troubles during an interview with Sirius XM’s “Jeff Lewis Live.” She said (via Today), “You know what. Right now my kids and dogs are sleeping in my bed.” Additionally, Spelling continued to stir rumors when she omitted McDermott from an Instagram post on Father’s Day. As if that wasn’t enough, McDermott has spent time without his wedding ring in Los Angeles, suggesting he and Spelling could be spending more time apart than together, according to Page Six.

And while everyone can’t help but wonder what’s really going on behind closed doors for Spelling and McDermott, her fans would also be surprised to know that the way they started their relationship back in 2005, many people raised an eyebrow at the time. to.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott moved quickly in their romance

It’s safe to say that when Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott first met, they skipped the line and got into the romance department asap. During a 2014 episode of “True Tori,” Spelling admitted that McDermott was still married to his first wife, Mary Jane Eustace, when they were allegedly left out under the covers. She said (via Entertainment Tonight), “I mean, he was married. We had sex when we first met.” Spelling went on to say that it happened in July 2005 while they were both working on the Lifetime film Mind Over Murder.

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Spelling was also married to her first husband, Charlie Shanian, at the time. The breakup wasn’t easy for Shanian. In 2007, he told GQ every little detail of what had happened. Shanian wrote (via People), “[Tori] wasn’t happy when she was alone with me; she didn’t want to have children with me; she had only married me because I loved and cared for her; she had purposely shown me only 10 percent of her true personality; and, oh yeah, while she was in Canada, she cheated on me with her latest Lifetime movie costar.” Oops. But that wasn’t the only time Spelling and McDermott’s relationship was riddled with scandal.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been hit by another cheating scandal

In 2013, Dean McDermott admitted to having an extramarital affair with a Canadian woman named Emily Goodhand, per Us Weekly. Goodhand told the publication that she met McDermott through friends and they had a sexual encounter at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. She said: “He told me that he and Tori had a sexless marriage. I believed him.”

However, and as even the Daily Mail pointed out, some people believe Emily Goodhand doesn’t actually exist. However, Spelling reportedly saw the woman her husband slept with in 2014, as reported by E! News. She said at the time during an episode of True Tori: “I was completely blown away by how Emily looked. I found her unattractive.”

While Spelling and McDermott have managed to steer clear of this scandal, no one really knows what’s really next for the couple. But then again, it’s safe to say that all the headlines they’ve made over the years definitely tell a story about what their relationship looked like from the outside in.

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