How The Daily Show Changed Olivia Munn’s Career

Olivia Munn is one performer who has always been eager to make her Hollywood dreams come true. Munn’s acting ambitions began when she was a young girl watching the popular ’80s sitcom Punky Brewster. She told Us Weekly in 2014, “I’ve always wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl … When I found out [Punky] was an actress, that’s what I wanted to do.”

Munn would later move to California from her home state of Oklahoma to give acting a chance. In a 2015 interview with Prestige, Munn described how she faced audition rejections early in her career, but insisted she would eventually get a break. “In any business there is always competition. And all it takes is one role,” Munn said. “Not even necessarily a great role. Just a job that makes you feel like a working actor. One job can change your whole life.” For the X-Men: Apocalypse star, her own life-changing performance came in the form of a role on The Daily Show.

The Daily Show led to Olivia Munn’s film and television stardom

After pursuing her acting ambitions by moving to Hollywood, Olivia Munn made a wise decision that helped launch her prolific career. Per IMDb, Munn co-hosted the talk show Attack of the Show from 2006 to 2010 for over 450 episodes. When she left the series, Munn was a correspondent on “The Daily Show” from 2010 to 2011. Jon Stewart was then hosting “The Daily Show,” and Munn explained to Entertainment Weekly in 2015 that Stewart was someone who was always capable was to share helpful words of wisdom with her. “He’s someone I still go to and ask for advice, and the thing about Jon is he always has an opinion right away, and it’s always the right opinion,” Munn said.

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We’ve since learned that Munn’s decision to join The Daily Show came with a huge pay cut. “I took an 80% pay cut because nothing beats Jon Stewart thinking you’re funny,” the actor told Self in 2014 (via The Wrap). Although her income temporarily declined, this decision worked in Munn’s favor in the long run. After landing her role on The Daily Show, Munn has starred in major films such as Magic Mike, Mortdecai and Ride Along 2. Since those roles, Munn’s notoriety as an actor has only increased.

Olivia Munn’s career is still thriving over a decade after her Daily Show appearance

Shortly after Olivia Munn began her “Daily Show” appearances, she also landed numerous leading roles in films and TV shows. This trend continues for Munn as X-Men: Apocalypse, Office Christmas Party and The Newsroom are just a few of the successful projects she has starred in over the past few years. One of Munn’s most recent films is Violet, the 2021 drama about a woman facing self-doubt. IndieWire wrote that “Munn delivers a graceful, cutting performance in this remarkable role, as her pain always feels grounded in real, quantifiable challenges.”

As she continued her thriving career, Munn remained loyal to her Daily Show cast members. The world witnessed this when Munn took to Instagram on June 23 to share a photo of her son Malcolm meeting former Daily Show host Jon Stewart. Munn’s baby son, who she shares with comedian John Mulaney, was spotted in the photo with Stewart, which Munn captioned, “A rare photo of Jon Stewart and Mark Twain. Congrats Jon on your #MarkTwainPrize,” captioned it. This was in reference to Stewart’s presentation of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, which was presented to him on April 24. In addition to achieving her ambitious acting goals, Munn has made some significant friendships along the way.

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