How tall is Robert Pattinson?

Robert Pattinson is now an official movie star, having transitioned from popular teen movies like ‘Twilight’ (a movie he almost got fired from) to a beloved superhero when he took on the role of Batman. While the role of the Dark Knight seems like a natural progression from the role of sexy vampire Edward Cullen, those behind the scenes on The Batman felt something wasn’t quite right. In February, he told Entertainment Weekly, “They got the idea that they wanted me to be taller to begin with, so I basically had high-heeled sneakers on and was stumbling around in this weird Batman outfit.”

How tall do you have to be to play Batman? Well, Michael Keaton, who also played the tormented character, is 5ft 8.5in according to Celeb Heights. George Clooney, another actor who has appeared on screen as Bruce Wayne, is 5ft 10 and three quarters tall. Other Batman actors included Val Kilmer who is 5ft 11.5, Christian Bale who is 5ft 11 and three quarters tall and Ben Affleck who is the tallest of the group at 6ft. 2 and a quarter.

That seems to suggest that whoever plays Batman doesn’t have to be an exact height. So what’s up? When it comes to Pattinson, he’s definitely taller than some who’ve been Batman — although he’s not the tallest.

Robert Pattinson isn’t “tiny” no matter what people think

Robert Pattinson is no small person. But for some reason, people who’ve seen him on screen seem to think he’s on the smaller side. He’s aware of the misconception about his height and mentioned it to GQ in February, getting a little upset about the issue. “A lot of Batman fans say, ‘He’s tiny, he’s tiny!’ I’m not fucking tiny! I’m a big person,” he said.

Pattinson rightly claims to be on the bigger side. In fact, according to Celeb Heights, he’s a quarter inch over 6 feet tall. If you’re curious, the height of the average man in the United States is in the 5ft 9 range, according to Medical News Today. That would place Pattinson at least a good three inches taller than the average American. Of course, Pattinson himself is not American. According to the biography, the actor was born in London, England. In the UK the average height of a man is 5ft 10 which means he is still above average height in his home country.

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When Pattinson is home, he might feel pretty tall since he lives with someone who’s nowhere near his tall. That’s not surprising, however, as he tends to be taller than the famous women he dates.

Robert Pattinson is taller than the celebrity women he dates

If you keep up to date with Robert Pattinson’s romantic life, you probably know that he is currently in a relationship with model Suki Waterhouse. The two have been a couple since 2018 and lived together when he was filming The Batman in London, according to GQ. While the two appear to be a good match, he happens to be quite a bit taller than her. While Pattinson is over 6 feet tall, Waterhouse is 5-foot-7, according to Celeb Heights.

Granted, that may not seem like a huge difference in elevation to Pattinson. After all, Waterhouse is quite a bit taller than two other famous women he’s been in exciting relationships with. He was formerly in a relationship with FKA Twigs, a singer and dancer who is 5ft 2.5 tall. That’s quite a bit shorter than Pattinson’s other former girlfriend, his “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart, who told The Times in 2021 that she stands at 5-foot-5.

While Pattinson seems to care about his own greatness, it doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to the women in his life.