How tall is Ben Affleck?

While fans have watched as Ben Affleck has undergone a transformation over the years that has resulted in him becoming a rich celebrity and a massive star in the entertainment industry, there’s one thing about him that just doesn’t quite hold up has changed. That would be the fact that he’s damn big.

In fact, Affleck’s height is something his former co-star Anna Kendrick addressed in a May 2015 interview with Esquire, noting her own relatively small height — which is 5ft 2 if you asked us — and after admitting that her relatively While short stature was something that used to upset her, she also revealed that she now feels differently about being on the smaller side. She also noted that a powerful voice helps her stand out, even though her size may not. “I’ve just finished this film with Ben Affleck, a big guy, and when you’re listening to a replay of a scene with the two of us and it’s his turn to speak, you often can’t hear anything. Nothing,” she recalled. “Then you hear my voice like a knife and I’m like, oh my god, both of us, how can Affleck be the soft talker? How can I sound so shrill?”

Indeed, Affleck’s voice may belie his rather towering size. While Medical News Today notes that the average height of a man in the United States is 5ft 9, Affleck happens to be much taller.

Ben Affleck is way taller than Matt Damon

If you’ve ever seen Ben Affleck on the red carpet and thought he looked great, then you’ve come to the right place. The actor is a quarter inch over 6ft 2 tall, according to Celeb Heights. Of course it could be even bigger. The star is closer to the 6-foot-4 range, according to SheKnows and TVOverMind. In any case, that means not only is he taller than the average US male, which is 5ft 9, but that also makes him taller than Affleck’s longtime boyfriend, Matt Damon.

Honestly, the height difference between the two famous characters and friends is something they like to joke about. That’s exactly what the two stars did in February 2014, when they appeared together in a video to support two charities, the Eastern Congo Initiative and, according to the Daily Mail. After pacing back and forth a few times, Damon teased his friend about who really did more paperwork when it comes to their Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting. In return, Affleck replied, “Sure, or we could be talking about things that are actually true! Like how incredibly small Matt Damon is!”

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If you’re curious, Damon is three-quarters of an inch over 5ft 9 tall, according to Celeb Heights. That means it’s slightly above average size. Of course, he may still seem small to Affleck, who stands above others in his life, including his famous wife.

Ben Affleck towers over Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship wasn’t exactly an easy love story, as they called off their first engagement in 2004 before getting back together years later and wed in 2022, according to People. However, Lopez doesn’t address the time lost between them, instead focusing on her perspective on both her relationship and her husband. She explained, “I feel so fortunate and lucky and proud to be with him.”

While that’s certainly cute, and the two seem to be on par when it comes to being together – hence the fact that they’re married – they don’t really see eye to eye when they face each other, even if they’re wearing high heels wears, which she often (or always?) does on the red carpet. That’s because the singer is half an inch over 5’4, which is quite a bit shorter than her husband.

Granted, it’s not like there aren’t other celebrity couples with noticeable height differences. For example, Kristen Bell is 5-foot-1 while her husband, Dax Shepard, is 6-foot-2, per Marie Claire. Not to mention Isla Fisher and Elsa Pataky, both of whom are 5-foot-3, while her husbands Sacha Baron Cohen and Chris Hemsworth are both 6-foot-3. Of course, a significant height difference can’t stand in the way of love, which is why Affleck and Lopez are certainly a perfect match.