How Nene Leakes really felt about working with Donald Trump

Nene Leakes doesn’t hold back, especially when it comes to sharing her true feelings about the people she loves and — yes — the people she doesn’t love. That may or may not be why there are quite a few celebs who can’t stand Leakes for one reason or another. There’s alleged bad blood between her and her former The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Kenya Moore, who told TMZ in 2019 that Leakes “bullied everyone on the show. That’s the truth!” Not only that, Leakes also has a long-standing feud with host Wendy Williams and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air graduate Janet Hubert. Hubert didn’t hold back her disdain for Leakes when she told the Los Angeles Times in 2016, “Did you know that NeNe Leakes made it onto Broadway before Janet Hubert? Something is wrong with the whole system of rewarding bad behavior. I think in the black community, ratchet has become the new black, ghetto has become the new black.”

And while there’s a long list of celebrities who have some fighting words for Leakes, many fans can’t help but wonder what her professional relationship with Donald Trump was like behind the scenes when she appeared on “The Celebrity Apprentice” in 2011 .

Nene Leakes is open about her thoughts on Donald Trump

On paper, it seems like Donald Trump and Nene Leakes have a lot in common. They’re both former reality TV stars who love to share their unfiltered opinions with the world, regardless of what anyone has to say about it. That, and there also seems to be a cloud of controversy following them wherever they go. For Trump, it’s the political kind, while Leakes had a lot of drama surrounding her decision to leave The Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, Trump might be the one person Leakes has the least criticism for. While she was in 2017’s The Dr. Oz Show, Leakes admitted that while the Trump she saw as President of the United States wasn’t the same one she knew while filming The Celebrity Apprentice, she never saw him do or say it something shady.

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She said (via Entertainment Weekly), “He’s always been very honest and very honest and very blunt — that’s true. He’s always been like this. But I haven’t seen him do anything unethical. To be honest, I didn’t.”

However, Leakes made an interesting claim about Trump back in 2020 that certainly raised some eyebrows.

Nene Leakes and her Trump checks

In April 2020, Nene Leakes suggested that then-President Donald Trump’s Secret Service might be keeping tabs on her in a very suspicious way. During an Instagram Live chat with her fans, Leakes said that while she had “no problem” with Trump, she said she believed his security detail may have followed her while she was staying at a Beverly Hills hotel. She recalled (via BET), “I was there before he arrived. I didn’t know he was staying there and I really felt that the secret service was following me the entire time I was at the hotel. I was very upset I even told the hotel that this is inappropriate.”

Leakes also added that she didn’t vote for Trump in the 2016 election, which shouldn’t surprise anyone since she called him an “orange man” who keeps speaking on TV, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Then again, in March 2020, she cheekily tweeted, “Heading to the bank to cash a Trump check.” Like Trump, Leakes knows a thing or two about the business of being a celebrity.