How much is Leslie Jones actually worth?

Comedy is a notoriously difficult industry to break into. Because even if you’re hilarious, it’s hard to get someone like Lorne Michaels to take you to “Saturday Night Live” or sign himself a deal with HBO for a live special. Like, really hard. So hard that it took Leslie Jones, a certified funny woman, over decades to find fame. How have we lived all these years without her?

Interestingly, Jones never knew she wanted to be a comedian until she went to Colorado State University to play basketball and get a degree. There she signed on for a comedy show on a whim and her life changed forever. She told the university newspaper: “All my friends were there and I got on the stage and just killed it! … The stage felt like home.”

From there she left school and entered the comedy club circuit. Eventually, Chris Rock got her an audition on SNL, she revealed in an interview with Howard Stern, and she became a writer on the show in 2013 and appeared on Weekend Update in 2014. Though she left the show in 2019, Jones has done Netflix specials, starred in several films, and is even a go-to resource when a game or awards show needs a host (or commentator).

Jones is literally everywhere these days, but how much is she worth?

Leslie Jones had to leave SNL

Leslie Jones has been living her best professional life since leaving Saturday Night Live in 2019. When she was at “SNL,” she was probably at the top end of her pay grade when she left. (Celebrity Net Worth reports that season five cast members make $315,000 per season, but “people who have been with it the longest or matter most to the show” make $525,000 per year — so Jones was definitely in the bank when she left . )

Being on SNL puts you in a “different class” of comedians, as she put it to Colorado State Magazine. This doesn’t just mean getting more gigs; It gives you bargaining power when it comes to your payout for those gigs — and Jones does them all, from starring in Ghostbusters, to serving as spokesperson for All State Insurance, to starring in Uber Eats commercials, to playing as Moderator of the “Supermarket Sweep”. Reboot. All that hard work has paid off as Celebrity Net Worth reports that it’s worth $7 million.

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Leslie Jones, who moved to Beverly Hills, Calif. after leaving “SNL,” bought a $3.9 million home a dirt, so she definitely has money to spend. The website reports that her home is “3,860 square feet” and offers “4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms” and a pool.

Although she has worked for it for 25 years, Jones makes everything with her fame. She told Essence that SNL opened doors for her career, saying, “I think I realized I wanted to do a lot of other things, but I think maybe I’ve already pigeonholed myself as a standup comedian plugged. . … It’s like I’m singing, writing and directing now. It’s crazy.”