How Kevin Costner Really Feels About Meghan Markle

These days, everyone knows Meghan Markle as the wife of Prince Harry and daughter-in-law of the UK’s new monarch, King Charles III. But years ago, the Duchess of Sussex was a popular actress in America thanks to her breakthrough role as Rachel Zane on hit legal drama Suits. She starred on the series from its beginnings in 2011 through the end of season seven in 2018, when she left the show to focus on her royal duties, according to The New York Times. Aside from Suits, Meghan has also showcased her acting skills on shows like CSI, The League, and Knight Rider, and has been in movies like Get Him to the Greek and Remember Me in 2010, according to IMDb .

When Meghan and Prince Harry shockingly announced their decision to step down as senior royals in early 2020, there was a lot of buzz surrounding Meghan’s possible return to acting, especially after the royal couple signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix to produce feature films, documentaries and more scripted shows for the streaming giant via Entertainment Tonight. However, the Duchess remains largely absent from the Hollywood spotlight, instead focusing on her marriage, motherhood and many endeavors, including her charity.

Will Meghan ever return to acting? Of course, as a non-working king, this possibility always exists. But there’s a pretty slim chance that would happen as long as she’s married to Prince Harry — at least according to award-winning actor Kevin Costner.

Kevin Costner alongside Prince Harry

As it turns out, Kevin Costner is among the countless Hollywood stars who have shared their opinion on Meghan Markle along with Jodie Turner-Smith, Daniel Radcliffe, and Katy Perry. During an appearance on British TV show Lorraine in 2019, the actor shared his thoughts on Meghan and whether he thinks the Duchess of Sussex would ever return to acting. “It would be difficult. Why? Because if you’re Harry… it’s like that doesn’t make me married to an actress. I don’t want to see my wife kiss anyone,” Costner said, adding that he’s certainly Team Harry there.

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The Oscar-winner went on to note the attention Meghan has received from the general public since she became part of the royal family in 2018, according to Circle I Don’t Even Understand, You Know, Royals. It’s a unique place,” said Costner. “We watch it from across the ocean and sometimes we don’t understand what’s going on.” He added, “She’s gotten enough attention in a year now to last a lifetime.”

Notably, in the same interview, Costner also addressed long-standing rumors that Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, was set to star in a sequel to his hit film The Bodyguard. “Yes there [were talks]’ he confirmed, adding that Sarah Ferguson was instrumental in bringing the Princess of Wales on board. Costner previously revealed to People that he received the script for the sequel in August 1997, the day before Princess Diana was killed in a tragic car accident in Paris.

Meghan Markle has no regrets giving up acting

When Meghan Markle left Suits and retired from acting in 2018, the Duchess of Sussex said she had no regrets giving up her acting career to step into her new role as royal. “I don’t see it as a sacrifice. I just see it as a change,” she said (via E! News). “It’s a new chapter, right?” She also noted how long she’d been working on Suits. “We’ve been very, very lucky to have that kind of longevity on a show,” she said. “I ticked that and am very proud of the work I did there. And now it’s time to work with it [Prince Harry] as a team.”

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In fact, Meghan was more excited than sad to be ending her acting career as she could finally devote more time and energy to causes close to her heart. She said she’s particularly excited about the idea of ​​working with diverse communities and organizations across the UK that are “working on the same causes that I’ve always been passionate about” (via Harper’s Bazaar). “You realize that when you have access or a voice that people want to listen to, [it comes with] a lot of responsibility that I take seriously,” she added.

Only time will tell if Meghan returns to acting at that point, but in the meantime, fans of the Duchess can follow her recently launched Archetypes with Meghan podcast, in which she shares a rare glimpse into her personal life and engages with her entertains female personalities such as Serena Williams and Mariah Carey. The show is exclusively available on Spotify.