How Did Mariah Carey React To The Tragic Death Of Nick Cannon’s Baby?

The most recent well-known person to openly struggle with a child loss is Nick Cannon. Although it’s never easy to deal with losing a kid, Cannon has been showered with support from his fans after the passing of his 5-month-old son, Zen, possibly slightly lessening his suffering. Following a weekend at home, Cannon returned to his self-titled talk show at the beginning of December and shared some devastating news with his studio audience. Through sobs, Cannon continued, “Over the weekend, I lost my youngest kid to a disorder called hydrocephalus, which is essentially a malignant midline brain tumor—brain cancer.”

Zen’s mother, Alyssa Scott, who has been remarkably resilient throughout the tragedy, was also recognized by the media as a celebrity. In the days that followed Cannon’s admission, he became more honest with his studio audience, mentioning once that he occasionally felt some sorrow for losing Zen. Cannon alluded to a Reverend James Brown song. “You never know until the next five minutes.” I’m confused in my thoughts, broken in my heart, yet I still hold my head to the sky, says one of the song’s lyrics. “That personifies where I am since I’m still in the mourning process and because I feel guilty on several levels,” he said.

Fortunately, he has found a way to express himself via his profession, and he said that going back to work is somewhat therapeutic for him. One of his well-known ex-girlfriends is among many who have contacted him.

Mariah Carey is there for Nick Cannon.

Nick Cannon has gotten a ton of love and support from his famous pals after revealing the passing of his son Zen. In addition, the talk show host has received encouragement from a few unexpected sources, including Mariah Carey, his ex-wife. Monroe and Moroccan were born to Cannon and Carey after their marriage in 2008. Sadly, the union did not endure, and in 2014, the couple began the divorce process. They co-parent their two kids now, but they are still in touch.

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According to a recent Hollywood Life post, Carey contacted Cannon after learning of Zen’s passing to offer her support and demonstrate that ex-partners can still get along. Carey contacted Cannon directly as opposed to publishing something on social media. The insider revealed, “Mariah has reached out to Nick in private to express her deepest and most sincere condolences for the loss of his son,” and said she “is not expected to say anything publicly, and she will not discuss it if asked about it because Mariah prefers to keep these types of matters private.”

The insider said that because Cannon is involved with his children’s lives, Carey appreciates him as a father. Mariah is aware that Nick lavished all the love possible on Zen when he was alive, since that describes the sort of father he is toward his children.