How Christine Quinn’s husband really got that rich

Christine Quinn announced their engagement during the second season of Selling Sunset. Quinn gushed about her tech millionaire boo, Christian Richard, explaining that her friend started it and they’ve been inseparable ever since. However, Mary Fitzgerald had a different take on things. She claimed Richard was dating another woman when he first started dating Quinn. (Cue the catfights and the drama.)

Although he was retired, money was not an issue for Richard. He’s spent a fortune on a swanky, huge new mansion for the couple to share. It was a win-win for Quinn since her fiancé was also her client, so ka-ching! According to Metro, she broke the bank and earned a $150,000 commission on the $5 million sale of the 5,917-square-foot home. The Oprah Daily reported that Richard became Quinn’s new husband during a “gothic winter wonderland ceremony” that made it all and more. “She wanted theater,” explained event planner Lisa Lafferty.

The Wedding aired at the end of Season 3, and Quinn got her theatrics after the recently divorced Chrishell Stause was overcome with emotion and made it hot on the heels of the wedding. She later worked it out with Davina Potratz, but it wouldn’t be a wedding without a good old fight. Unlike his wife, Richard likes to live a quiet, private life, although he did appear on “Selling Sunset” because happy wife, happy life. However, his conspicuous wealth is mysterious. So how did Christine Quinn’s husband get so rich?

Christine Quinn’s husband is a techie

Former Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn isn’t known for keeping things to herself. Quinn has even written a comprehensive book, revealing her innermost secrets and opening up about her time on the reality show. However, she was conspicuously vague when it came to discussing her husband’s earlier career and how he came to his considerable wealth. “He went to MIT and he’s a software engineer and has worked for several companies and several development projects. And he’s retired,” Quinn said during a camera confession (via Elle).

Christian Richard likes to keep his private life personal. He wasn’t a fan of being in front of the camera and when filming he didn’t even use his real last name, Dumontet. So it’s hardly surprising that viewers know little about his previous work projects. According to The Boston Globe (via Newsweek), Richard began his career at Cisco as a software engineer. He became technology CEO after starting a food delivery service in 2005, which he sold two years later to GrubHub, which bought the start-up for cash.

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According to Forbes, Richard quickly embraced the cryptocurrency market when it first emerged and was big into Bitcoin. According to his HuffPost author bio, Richard is also a part-time writer. Money Inc estimates that Richard’s net worth is on the order of $20 million. He may be ahead of his wife, but she’s not doing too badly. Celebrity Net Worth reports that Quinn has amassed her own $3 million fortune.

Christine Quinn and Christian Richard plan to conquer the real estate world

Everyone had known for some time that Christine Quinn’s “Selling Sunset” future was nearing its end. After five seasons of backstabbing and feuding, Quinn was over it, so the realtor hung up her keys and walked out the door for good. E! News confirmed that Quinn would not be returning for season six and that her departure was a “mutual decision.” So what’s next for Quinn? We certainly can’t imagine her lounging by the pool reading Harold Robbins novels and sipping cocktails all day.

Pay attention, Oppenheim Group, because Quinn has vowed to take over the real estate market, and she’s taking her tech-savvy husband with her on the journey. Forbes reports that Quinn and Christian Dumontet (aka Christian Richard) plan to “disrupt the real estate market as we know it” with their new cryptocurrency home buying app, RealOpen. No wonder the couple aim high. “Our initial target audience for RealOpen is cryptowhales, broadly defined as someone with $5 million or more worth of digital assets who is holding them in hopes of future profits without selling them,” Dumontet told Forbes.

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Most couples would have some reservations about working together, but most couples aren’t Quinn and Dumontet. “He’s the opposite of me in every way because I love to put myself out there. Love being fabulous,” she told Bustle in May 2020. “He just cares about his work and travel,” Quinn shared.