How Chloe Cherry landed her role on Euphoria

If you’ve watched the second season of the hit HBO show Euphoria, you’re probably familiar with Chloe Cherry — or at least her character, Faye, a heroin addict who quickly becomes entangled in the chaotic world of drug dealing and teenage tragedy. In a recent interview with Awards Radar, Cherry spilled some tea over Faye and revealed how the character had changed since the original script. “She was sort of like a stripper and she was just completely different and she had a lot less lines than when I first auditioned for her,” Cherry said. “But then after I auditioned, they rewrote the script and suddenly Faye had so many more scenes.”

While “Euphoria” was Cherry’s big break on television, she wasn’t exactly unknown before. Before joining the cast of “Euphoria,” Cherry, known on Instagram as “the perfect angel girl,” developed a huge following through her fun social media posts, playful aesthetic, and adult movie star performances. Some people might be curious about the actor-model’s transition from adult entertainment to network television. How exactly did Cherry’s unconventional journey catch the eye of the Euphoria casting team? Let’s take a look.

Chloe Cherry was spotted on Instagram

A chance online encounter was the beginning of Chloe Cherry’s journey to mainstream stardom. She told Nylon, “’Euphoria’ came about because the director [Sam Levinson] found me on Instagram. He just thought I was funny. Then a casting company let me audition, so I sent tapes and stuff. So when I went in for the audition [Sam] said, “Oh, I was hoping it would be good.” Funnily enough, Cherry had also previously recreated an intimate “Euphoria” scene in a satirical adult film skeleton.

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In an article for Grazia, Cherry reflected on the surreal situation of being cast in the Zendaya-led TV series. She said: “I didn’t think it was real at first. It was 2019 and someone texted me and said, ‘Hey, it’s Euphoria.’ We really want you to audition for that role in season two.” It was before the pandemic. At first I thought, ‘Why would ‘Euphoria’ contact me? And why would they do it through Instagram?'” To be honest , Levinson was a fan of Cherry’s Instagram Stories. And luckily, Cherry had that extra something that the Euphoria crew was looking for. She explained, “I thought they would look for someone with more TV experience or a professional.” band, but they loved it. It showed me that they were looking at what you can do as a performer, not as a technician. One shot, not an IMDB page.”

Chloe Cherry has always had a passion for performing

Some believe that happiness comes when preparation meets opportunity. This certainly seems to be the case with Chloe Cherry, who has long had a love for acting, comedy and improvisation. And while many people get caught up in stage fright, Cherry has never been afraid to perform. She told Grazia: “I’ve always felt that performing is a skill I have and that others don’t have. I was never nervous about being on stage or in front of the camera. I just didn’t care. I still don’t to this day.”

Cherry used her experience in porn for her appearance in Euphoria. Describing her transition from adult film to television, she told Interview magazine, “I already knew what I was doing, I knew how to listen to directors, how to follow their cues and how to navigate a set. It didn’t take me long to figure out all the other, larger pieces. It was very easy for me. However, there was a big catch. She said: “The biggest difference, I think, is the fact that in porn nobody really judges your acting. When it comes to television, people are right. In porn we can only do so many shots.” After an exciting and busy year, Cherry’s future acting career looks quite promising.

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