Hope Solo shares emotional testimony after pleading guilty to DWI charges

Hope Solo is trying to move forward. Solo was arrested back in March after she was found slumped in her car in a Walmart parking lot with her two-year-old twins, according to the New York Post. Solo was charged with one child molestation charge and another charge for refusing to comply with arresting officers. According to a police report from Us Weekly, local authorities allegedly smelled alcohol on Solo and claimed her eyes were bloodshot. However, Solo’s attorney claimed we didn’t have the full story. “The story is more sympathetic than the initial charges suggest,” Solo’s attorney, Rich Nichols, told the outlet. “She looks forward to her opportunity to defend these charges.”

Additionally, the former goalie initially declined a sobriety test, but police were able to obtain a search warrant to conduct one, the Washington Post reported. According to the test performed, Solo’s blood alcohol level was three times above the legal limit, and THC was also found in her system.

Solo eventually pleaded guilty after being charged with a DWI, and while she doesn’t face jail time, she still has to pay. According to Fox News, driving while drunk cost Solo $2,500 in fines and another $600 for the tests conducted. Though Solo managed to avoid a stint behind bars, she finally opens up about how this experience changed her life.

Hope Solo says she made “the worst mistake” of her life

According to The Guardian, Hope Solo received a 24-month suspended sentence and a 30-day active prison sentence; However, the judge allows Solo to use the time she spent in a rehab facility as credit against her sentence, meaning she doesn’t have to serve the 30 days in person. Solo broke her silence on social media to share her thoughts on the situation. “I’m proud of motherhood and what my husband and I have been doing day to day with two year old twins for over two years during the pandemic,” she wrote on Instagram.

Solo admitted she made a big mistake and is focused on closing this chapter. “I underestimated what a destructive part of my life alcohol had become,” she added. “The benefit of such a big mistake is that you learn hard lessons quickly.” According to People, in April 2020, Solo and her husband Jerramy Stevens welcomed twins less than a year after suffering a miscarriage. “My husband and I can practice equality with a boy and a girl right from the start,” Solo said during an appearance on the beIN SPORTS Weekend Winner Show.

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Because the mother-of-two pleads guilty, she will also drop her charges of child molestation and resisting an officer, the Forsyth County District Attorney told the New York Times. Solo plans to reveal more about her experience in the coming weeks.