Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt reveal just how disturbing the Playboy mansion really was

Since the notorious publisher’s death in 2017, a series of shocking allegations have been leveled against the late Hugh Hefner and his Playboy brand, while others once associated with the controversial brand shared their stories of what it was really like in the Playboy to be mansion.

Holly Madison — who was once thought to be Hefner’s main girlfriend — even compared Playboy to a cult during the miniseries. “The reason I think the mansion was very iconic in hindsight is because we all kind of gassed and expected to think of Hefner as this really good guy,” she explained, claiming that those who lived in the mansion were encouraged not to visit or leave the area for long periods of time. She also opened up about how Hefner was on the E! Reality show The Girls Next Door, which starred Madison alongside Hefner and his other friends Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson. “I feel like Hef was portrayed as a friendly grandpa in ‘The Girls Next Door,’ but he’s not like that. It would make me so angry at how manipulative he was. Hef controlled every aspect of our lives.” Madison claimed.

Now Madison and Marquardt are dropping even more bombshells about their Playboy past — and they’re pretty disturbing.

Bridget Marquardt called the Playboy Mansion ‘a disaster’

Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt were very candid on the August 22 episode of their podcast Girls Next Level, claiming that the Playboy Mansion is full of junk. “It was just a disaster in there. The lights were off, but there were two huge TV screens in there with porn running,” Marquardt recalled of her first encounter with the filthy mansion, when Madison compared Hefner to a hoarder.

They also spoke about their sexual encounters with Hefner and others at the same time, with Madison saying, “I just remember feeling so gross and so used. I felt like this girl was so nice to me and so inviting, but really I was just another piece of meat for her to submit to him to make her look better.” Marquardt also spoke up and suggested that that she was asked to do things in the group that she wasn’t comfortable with and that left her feeling disgusted the next morning.”Icky is the best way to describe it because I just felt gross everywhere and I was going insane felt lonely…I just felt gross, like I was about to throw up.”

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Both have been extremely candid about what has happened over the years, with Madison making explosive claims in her book, Down the Rabbit Hole. Speaking to BuzzFeed about the book in 2015, she explained, “I didn’t want to overdo the sex because it wasn’t the most important subject for me.