Hillary Clinton recalls her favorite memory with the Queen

There is no shortage of tributes to Queen Elizabeth II from world leaders and politicians, showing just how much influence the monarch has had across nations. While former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton have already issued a joint statement highlighting how the Queen has lived an “extraordinary life,” Hillary offered another touching tribute to the Queen.

At the premiere of her Apple TV+ docuseries Gutsy, the politician shared how much she adores the longtime monarch and how important it was for her to meet her. “I’ve had the privilege of knowing her and spending time with her,” she told Variety. “Probably one of the highlights of my time in public service was when I was Foreign Secretary, staying at Buckingham Palace and speaking to her about her gardens, which she was very fond of… I had many really pleasant and wonderful conversations.” She loved asking questions, she was so lively and she will be missed.” She also described Queen Elizabeth as a “woman who served with such honor and distinction.”

Hillary is a longtime fan of Queen Elizabeth. In her memoir, she said the queen “reminded me of my own mother in her looks, her politeness and her reserve” (via The New York Times). Additionally, in June, during the UK’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Hillary described the Queen as “very smart,” “quite funny” and “quite a laugh” – but what struck her most was the Queen’s ability to “make a… have talks about almost anything,” including complex topics like military weapons (via the BBC).

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