Here’s how many times Lil Nas X topped the Billboard Hot 100

Lil Nas X is one of the fastest breakout stars in the music world right now. His debut single “Old Town Road” became a worldwide hit in 2019 and welcomed the then-teenager into an exciting future.

In an interview with XXL magazine, the ‘Holiday’ hitmaker admitted the success of his very first song helped him come out as a gay man. “I don’t think I ever got out … I honestly felt like it was kind of my duty,” he explained, adding, “Especially when I wanted to get ahead. And what I did, because authenticity is very real, and I feel like people can see through that. And that’s part of me.” In fact, the rapid rise of Lil Nas X in recent years has had such an impact on the music scene that The Wall Street Journal has dubbed him the “new king of pop.” Not only that, he has impressed legends of previous generations. Elton John, whom Lil Nas X considers one of his heroes, praised the rapper to Variety in 2021. “Lil Nas X is a bold and daring provocateur who makes amazing and inspiring music. He’s pushing the boundaries of urban music by embracing his sexuality wholeheartedly and visually projecting that celebration out into the world,” he said.

As of this writing, Lil Nas X has won two Grammy Awards and received a total of 11 nominations. But how many times has it charted at #1 on the US Hot 100?

Lil Nas X surpassed a chart record set by Mariah Carey

Unlike most artists, Lil Nas X entered the music industry and scored himself a #1 hit fresh out of the gate. His 2019 debut single “Old Town Road,” which featured a remix with country icon Billy Ray Cyrus, became his first chart-topping US Hot 100 and also made an impact abroad. If a #1 hit wasn’t enough to get Lil Nas X into the hype, then we’re sure the record it broke could have. As The National News previously reported, the song was so popular that “Old Town Road” surpassed a record set by Mariah Carey and spent an all-time record 17 consecutive weeks on top. “Sending love and congratulations to @LilNasX on breaking one of the longest running records in music history!” Carey tweeted Lil Nas X, adding a snap of her handing him a torch.

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Lil Nas X wouldn’t reach #1 on the US Hot 100 again until 2021. The lead single from his debut album, “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” became his second chart-topping single, while another single from the same album, “Industry Baby,” featuring fellow rapper Jack Harlow, smashed his third No. 1. As of this writing, Lil Nas X needs to reach number one on the US Billboard 200 with either an EP or an album.

Lil Nas X’s second LP will be a “Party” album

Lil Nas X may have yet to hit the top spot with an album, but there’s still time. In April, the Sun Goes Down hitmaker took to Twitter to explain that his second album will be “something fun, something for the summer, something for the girls to get ready and celebrate.” A month earlier, Lil Nas X teased two new songs, “Late To The Party” and “Down Souf H*es,” and asked, “Which one do you want first?” In June, he decided to give “Late To The Party” first release, a collaboration with YoungBoy Never Broke Again and a diss track about the BET Awards after receiving no nominations at their 2022 ceremony Deadline. For the single’s artwork, someone (believed to be Lil Nas X) was photographed urinating on a BET Awards trophy.

As of this writing, Lil Nas X has yet to announce the release date or title of his upcoming second studio album. However, we are very confident that the music will continue to make an impact, whether or not there are more No.1s in sight.

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