Happy Days star Anson Williams throws his hat into politics

Remember Anson Williams from Happy Days? The television star received a Golden Globe nomination in 1983 for his portrayal of the gullible Potsie Weber on the classic ’70s series. He has also directed episodes of popular shows, including “Lizzie McGuire,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” per IMDb. Recently, the actor-director decided to take on another role — and it’s not on another sitcom.

Williams is running for mayor in his hometown of Ojai, a small town in California. According to Ojai Valley News, the political candidate made the announcement at a June 28 meeting of the Ojai City Council. He stated that Ojai needs “leadership that inspires a collaborative team.” On July 18 he can officially declare his candidacy and begin his election campaign. He will face current Mayor Betsy Stix by deadline. According to multiple reports, there is no word on Williams’ affiliation with any political party.

What else do we know about Williams’ big political announcement? Let’s dive in.

Anson Williams received support from this famous actor

Henry Winkler, who starred alongside Anson Williams in Happy Days, supported his former castmate on Twitter. Wrinkler retweeted the announcement, adding, “You have my vote.” Since the announcement included a photo of Williams, people were quick to applaud his looks. “Not only has he aged well, he has barely aged at all,” wrote one user. Other responses poked fun at Williams’ character Potsie, including “Legalize Potsie” and “Mayor Potsie has a nice ring to it.” Yes, hold your breath for some future Potsie memes. Additionally, many comments expressed support for Williams as the future mayor.

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We’ll have to wait to hear about Williams’ policies and proposals. But a topic that is definitely important to the prospective mayor? Security on the film set. In October 2021, Williams expressed passion in an interview with ABC7 after filming Alec Baldwin’s “Rust.” He stated, “Even before that, you have a security meeting, you have the effects person, you have the gunsmith, you have everyone responsible for everything related to this particular potential security issue.” Throughout the interview, he shared his unapologetic take on the tragic incident, explaining, “You go in there, you do your due diligence as a director and make sure the whole set is safe.”

That’s a solution we can get behind us.