Gwen Stefani’s first love isn’t what you’d expect

Gwen Stefani took over the airwaves in the ’90s by singing about a lost love. “When I went through all my personal tragedies in the past … music was what was like my savior,” she told WWD. But the “Don’t Speak” singer doesn’t have to save anymore these days — her cup is overflowing with love. One of those loves, of course, is Stefani’s husband, Blake Shelton. Their unlikely relationship allowed Stefani to pursue her love of music alongside the love of her life, and she cried when Shelton asked her to record the country song “Happy Anywhere” with him. “It was such an honor to be asked about a different genre and with someone I respect and love so much,” she told Wonderland.

Stefani’s three sons – Kingston, Zuma and Apollo – are also on the receiving end of the “Hella Good” hitmaker’s love, and the boys were doubly doting when Shelton entered the picture. “I can’t imagine my life without these kids now,” the happy stepdad said on KFROG’s The Ride with Kimo & Heather.

Despite all of her ups and downs, an appreciation for style has been a constant in Stefani’s life. She revisited some of her most popular looks in the 2021 music video for “Let Me Reintroduce Myself,” telling Vogue, “It’s amazing how these outfits have stood the test of time.” But before the men and the boys and the clothes and the noise there was only an eyeball of Stefani.

Gwen Stefani’s love of makeup goes back a long way

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Gwen Stefani’s love affair with makeup comes to a close with the release of her own cosmetics line, GXVE. “Before there was music, it was makeup for me. I’ve always loved makeup and I think it’s because I have an artistic eye,” Stefani told LuisaViaroma. In addition to its functionality as a means of artistic expression, she values ​​makeup’s ability to transform and boost self-confidence. “What’s so empowering about launching a makeup brand is sharing something that I know makes people feel good,” she explained.

Stefani learned the power of a pop of color and a coat of mascara long before she launched her pop career. She got a job at a makeup counter in an Anaheim mall, where she was tasked with giving makeovers to potential customers. She was untrained but quickly discovered that she was a natural with a brush and some blush. “I just remember making people feel so much joy, inspiration and confidence, and that’s what makeup can do,” she recalled to WWD.

But when it comes to her own makeup application, Stefani prefers the process not to be a ménage à trois between her, her beauty products, and a makeup artist. “I’ve never worked with a makeup artist in my entire career, really, except one here or one there. …I just controlled it a lot,” she told Glamour.