Gabby Petito’s father reacts to sad news in the Kiely Rodni case

In 2021, the country was fixated on the search and rescue of Gabby Petito and, sadly, the news of her death. Fans and followers were obsessed with the truth behind Petito’s tragic story, but it was her cause of death that shook the nation. TMZ reported that, according to coroners, Petitos was strangled and it was her fiancé Brian Laundrie who killed her. He made an absolutely harrowing confession that many people still can’t get over to this day. Laundrie described an “unexpected tragedy,” writing (via WFLA), “I ended her life, I found it merciful that she wanted it but I now see all the mistakes I made.”

Unfortunately, another missing persons case has swept the nation, and like Petito, it involves a young woman who has been missing for several weeks. CNN reports that law enforcement officials are confident they have found the body of 16-year-old Kiely Rodni of Truckee, California. The announcement came after Adventures With Purpose underwater search and recovery team found Rodni’s car underwater in Prosser Lake, not far from the last known sighting of the teenager. Upon locating the vehicle, one of AWP’s divers confirmed that human remains were inside. Her mother, Lindsey Rodni-Nieman, told ABC News she knew something was wrong the last time she texted her. Rodni was at a party with teenagers at a campsite when she disappeared. Rodni-Nieman said: “I told her to be safe and that I love her. And she said, ‘OK mom, I love you too. She never came home.”

Because this story is so close to home, Petito’s father had something to say about it.

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Joseph Petito comments on the news of Kiely Rodni

Gabby Petito’s father, Joseph Petito, couldn’t help but share his reaction shortly after he and the rest of the country found out that California teenager Kiely Rodni was allegedly dead. Sharing a photo of the young teenager, he wrote on Twitter: “My condolences to the family of #kielyrondi. May she rest in peace. The emotions all come back to the surface when you see things like that.”

Many of Joseph’s Twitter followers also responded to the death by commenting, “I bet it does. But I have to say, I am always so impressed by your selfless postings about other missing persons. Despite your pain, you have consistently sought to help other families involved with what you have been dealing with.” Seeing how the Petito family worked with politicians to create a national missing persons database, according to TMZ , it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Joseph was also emotionally retarded over Rodnis Falls It looks like there’s still work to be done.