Gabby Petito’s family lawyer makes bold claims about Brian Laundrie’s mother

On June 24, Brian Laundrie’s family lawyer released his eight-page notebook confession, detailing the murder of fiancee Gabby Petito. Laundrie and Petito had been the subject of a high-profile missing persons inquiry centered around Petito’s disappearance during the couple’s overland trip in the summer of 2021, according to CNN. Following Petito’s disappearance, Laundrie returned home and did not speak to law enforcement about her whereabouts. Petito’s body was eventually found in Grand Teton National Park in September 2021, with her death ruled a homicide by strangulation. Laundrie would die by suicide a few weeks later, with his remains found in October 2021 next to a notebook that the FBI later confirmed contained Laundrie’s murder confession.

Among the readable portions of the notebook was a description of Petito’s final moments, according to WFLA. “I ended her life,” Laundrie wrote, explaining that Petito suffered a painful accident “while rushing back to our car.” “She would wake up in pain… angry that I was the one who woke her,” Laundrie continued, adding that he found it “merciful” at the time. Laundrie later described regretting his decision, writing, “From the moment I decided to take away her pain, I knew I couldn’t go on without her.”

As morbid as Laundrie’s confession was to read, it appears his notebook wasn’t the only chilling piece of evidence unearthed during the inquest.

Brian Laundrie’s mother is said to have offered to help him after the murder of Gabby Petito

The dark details surrounding the August 2021 murder of Gabby Petito have just evolved to a haunting new level. Patrick Riley, a lawyer for Petito’s family, claimed in an interview with Newsnation on June 24 that Brian Laundrie received a “rather strange” letter from mother Roberta Laundrie shortly after the death of his fiancee. The undated letter, found after a police search at the laundry house, allegedly offered Brian help. “There are scenarios that Roberta presents in this letter. For example, ‘If you go to jail I’ll bake a cake and stick a knife or saw in it,'” Riley captioned it, adding that the envelope read, “Burn after reading this.”

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Riley also claimed that Roberta made Brian an offer “that had to do with Gabby” after her murder. The attorney didn’t elaborate further because he “didn’t want to paraphrase something that serious.” Newsnation also reported that in addition to his notebook, Brian also left other confessions regarding Petito’s murder on a digital device, as well as another written confession.

In March, Petito’s family filed a civil suit against the laundries, accusing them of obstructing the search for their daughter, according to NBC News. Their lawsuit states, “It is believed … that on or about August 28, 2021, Brian Laundrie notified his parents, Christopher Laundrie and Roberta Laundrie, that he had murdered Gabrielle Petito,” with the belief that the Laundries had that information withheld, the lawsuit alleges that they “acted with malice or great indifference.”

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