Food Meghan Markle was banned from eating as royal

Royal life isn’t always as easy or glamorous as it might seem — and Meghan Markle may know that better than anyone. Despite growing up in America and even having a career in Hollywood, Meghan eventually found her way into the British royal family when she married Prince Harry in 2018.

When Meghan accepted the role of Duchess of Sussex, she had to put some aspects of her old life behind. First and foremost, she needed to end her acting career, particularly her stint on the hit series Suits. She also shut down her lifestyle blog, deleted all social media accounts and ended a design partnership with Reitmans, according to Elle Australia. Of course, all of these changes were fairly expected, and almost everyone in the royal family has similar guidelines to follow.

While it was expected that Meghan would retire from acting or delete social media once she became Duchess, there were also some more surprising changes she’s had to adjust to, including her diet. As it turns out, the royal family is quite picky when it comes to foods they can and cannot eat, and Meghan had to make some difficult adjustments when she married Harry in 2018. Read on to learn all the bizarre foods Meghan hasn’t been able to eat since becoming a king — she and Harry might be enjoying them in California these days.

Meghan Markle had to stop eating one of her favorite foods after becoming royal

In addition to ending her acting career and deleting social media, Meghan Markle also had to make some diet-related lifestyle adjustments after marrying Prince Harry in 2018. While these dietary rules apply to every member of the royal family, Meghan was a freshman in 2018. She’s had to adjust to some strict new food rules.

According to the insider, there were a number of foods Meghan wasn’t allowed to eat after her wedding. Two big ones are garlic and onion; Apparently, Queen Elizabeth worries that both royals will leave bad breath behind. Another surprising ban is foie gras, which is often considered a very high-end dish. In 2008, Prince Charles banned royal households from making it a delicacy, which Meghan could no longer enjoy (if she even wanted to), according to the Daily Mail. The royals also avoid shellfish because of the risk of food poisoning, the Express reported.

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Of all the foods the British royal family is banned from eating, one of Meghan’s favorites is the most surprising: pasta! Royal chef Darren McGrady revealed (via Hello!) that Queen Elizabeth isn’t a fan of starchy dishes, meaning pasta, rice and potatoes are rarely served at Buckingham Palace. While Meghan had some pretty strict food bans at one point, she and Harry have since stepped away from the royal family – and hopefully they’re enjoying all the foods they couldn’t have before!

Meghan Markle is still likely to abide by some banned food rules

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have retired from their roles as working members of the royal family, but they are still public figures. But Meghan is likely staying away from some banned foods despite not being a working royal anymore. Queen Elizabeth ruled that the royal family could not eat rare meat and banned all foods containing raw meat, such as tartare or sushi, per Hello. The monarch set these mandates for official engagements, which is a good rule even for non-royals when it comes to food safety. dr Lee-Ann Jaykus, a professor of food science at North Carolina State University, told Time that a packet of ground beef contains meat from many cows. “One contaminated animal could spoil dozens of batches,” Jaykus said.

Meghan is likely to continue to follow the Queen’s royal rules regarding tap water. According to the BBC, Britain’s beloved monarch doesn’t drink tap water when he travels to foreign countries. We imagine the Duchess of Sussex is likely to stick to the no-tap rule when traveling abroad, preferring bottled water when traveling abroad. The United Nations reported that “declining water quality has become a global problem amid population growth.” Better safe than sorry when it comes to tummy troubles, which is also why Queen Elizabeth has banned eating spicy food while on official palace business, per Hello.

What Meghan Markle eats to stay healthy

Meghan Markle is a busy mother of two young children and on top of her demanding job. So what does she eat to stay healthy? According to Best Health, Meghan eats vegan –ish. Before she was engaged to Prince Harry, Meghan told Best Health, “I try to be vegan during the week and then have a little more flexibility in what I do on the weekends. But at the same time, it’s all about balance.” While a lot of things have changed in Meghan’s life since that interview, Insider also reported that the Duchess of Sussex is following a mostly plant-based diet, but that doesn’t mean she’s taking all the fun out of it.

In a 2018 interview with Delish, the former actress revealed that she prefers wine to dessert. “French fries and vino are my vices,” Meghan explained. The Duchess added that she’d give up a dreamy chocolate dessert for a “big, beautiful red” any day. Fun Fact: In her pre-royal days, Meghan’s blog, The Tig, was named after her favorite wine, Tignanello. The Duchess revealed to Delish that while she was trying to eliminate gluten from her diet, she enjoyed eating pasta as a treat. “I will never miss an opportunity to taste great pasta. I come back from vacation every year with a food baby, and I’ve named her Comida,” Meghan said. Now that the Duchess of Sussex is free from the Queen’s pasta ban, we sense that she might be craving more pasta these days.