Florida Georgia Line has heartbreaking news for fans

Country music duo Florida Georgia Line have made an important announcement regarding the future of the group. The popular band began after its members Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard were introduced in 2008 when both musicians attended Belmont University’s Big Top 40. The two decided to collaborate on music and they took odd jobs while playing at local Nashville Post-graduation venues, as noted by Billboard in 2014. Hubbard told the news outlet that he and Kelley “knew when it was time for a record deal, [industry executives] would come running [them].”

That’s exactly what happened when the pair were spotted by music producer Joey Moi, who spotted them at a county fair. Kelley and Hubbard began recording songs under Moi’s mentorship and by 2012 they had released their first big hit, Cruise. In the years since, they have released several fan-favorite tracks including “HOLY”, “This Is How We Roll” and “Meant to Be”. The final song was recorded with Bebe Rexha and earned the three a 2019 Grammy nomination for Best Country Duo/Group Performance. Following these collective triumphs, Florida Georgia Line has publicly addressed what their upcoming plans entail.

Florida Georgia Line just performed their last show together

Florida Georgia Line fans will be sad to learn that the group has officially wrapped what will be their final performance on stage for the time being. As TMZ wrote, band members Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard sang their final set at the Minnesota State Fair this week, expressing their appreciation to loyal FGL supporters. They closed the show by singing their early hit “Cruise” before exiting the stage in opposite directions.

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This update comes after Kelley and Hubbard discussed the group’s next phase in a February interview with People. The artists explained that they would rather pause their partnership than “break up”. “I think ‘taking a break’ is the right term, as opposed to breaking up,” Hubbard said. Kelley then added: “We’re not going our separate ways. We’re taking a break from recording our music.” Regarding their last 12 performances, Hubbard said that the duo would use those performances on stage to “celebrate FGL, celebrate the fans, celebrate each other and then celebrate each other to support each other on the next chapter of our musical and creative journey, which is going to be individual for a while.” As for their independent projects, Hubbard recently revealed in a Today interview for his debut solo project, Dancin’ in the Country. advertised, while Kelley has 20 shows planned by the end of October.