FKA Twigs is reportedly having a heated duel with another famous ex of Shia LaBeouf

This article contains allegations of abuse.

British pop star FKA Twigs has been embroiled in a legal battle with ex Shia LaBeouf for the past two years. The couple dated for about six months in 2018 and 2019. In December 2020, Twigs filed lawsuits against LaBeouf alleging that he physically, emotionally, and sexually abused him during their relationship. “What I went through with Shia was the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my life,” Twigs told the New York Times shortly after filing the lawsuit. “I don’t think people would ever think that would happen to me. But I think that’s the thing. It can happen to anyone.”

LaBeouf has denied the worst allegations. He claims that most of the relationship that began on the set of his semi-autobiographical film Honey Boy was misrepresented by Twigs. The ‘Transformers’ star admitted that while some of his personal issues may have created a dangerous environment for his partners, “many of these allegations aren’t true.” He also noted that he continues to seek treatment for his PTSD and alcoholism.

The case is far from over. Twigs was recently granted a court date in 2023 and was reportedly hoping that another of LaBeouf’s exes, Margaret Qualley, would serve as a witness for the prosecution. However, due to their recent clash, Twigs will have to look elsewhere for support.

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Twigs wants Qualley’s support

After FKA Twigs opened up about the alleged abuse she suffered from ex Shia LaBeouf in an Elle interview, Margaret Qaulley — also LaBeouf’s ex — shared the piece with the caption, “Thank you.” She told Harper’s Bazaar about her decision to support Twigs: “It was important for her to know that I believe her — and it’s as simple as that.”

According to Page Six, Twigs hoped Qualley would testify at her upcoming trial against LaBeouf. With a trial date set for January, a recently reported encounter between the women seems to indicate Qualley may not be ready to testify just yet. Sources told the outlet that the women had a tense altercation at a Los Angeles hotel. After saying hello, their discussion reportedly got heated and drew the attention of the other guests. The cast members reportedly clashed over the upcoming trial, although the details of the dispute are unclear. Both parties were reportedly “shaken” by the disagreement.

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Qualley and LaBeouf split shortly after Twigs filed her lawsuit against the ailing star. The “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…” actor received backlash for continuing to date LaBeouf, but reportedly chose to end the relationship because they were “at different places in their lives,” according to People. It wasn’t until a month later that she spoke out in favor of Twig’s lawsuit. Almost two years later, it remains unclear whether or not Qualley will support her in the courtroom.