Fans want Elliot Page to take on one of Ezra Miller’s most iconic roles

Ezra Miller wasn’t having the best year, but they were even less kind to others. From Hawaii to Vermont, a new headline about Miller wreaking havoc across the US seems to surface every week. Most recently, the ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ actor was accused of placing three children in dangerous conditions on a Vermont farm and caring for a teenage girl. While the alleged victim spoke out in Miller’s defence, her parents have accused her of flying her to London when she was 14 and giving her drugs and alcohol. Additionally, during her time in Hawaii, Miller made more than 10 police calls in a month, resulting in multiple arrests (per AP News).

Miller has always played offbeat characters, but nothing could have prepared audiences for the disturbing real-life events of the past few months. “Ezra Miller is like Tumblr invented a terrorist,” one tweet summarized. And while film execs scramble to pick up the pieces, fans of the actor’s most popular role are demanding it be recast with none other than Elliot Page.

Fans want Elliot Page to take over Ezra Miller’s Flash duties

Amber Heard isn’t the only casting controversy in the DCEU – fans are just as outraged by Ezra Miller’s continued inclusion in The Flash, which has yet to be dropped despite her recent behavior. While Warner Bros. was holding emergency meetings to discuss Miller’s future in the superhero franchise, the character’s solo vehicle was already being filmed. In May, Variety’s Adam B. Vary said, “…THE FLASH finished filming months ago, and Ezra Miller is playing multiple versions of Barry Allen. Replacing her would effectively mean reshooting the entire film.”

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While it’s unlikely Warner Bros. Miller’s “Flash” movie will be shelved or remade entirely, fans are still lobbying for Elliot Page to take on the role in future releases. Page has previous experience in superhero films with roles in The Umbrella Academy and the X-Men series. Also, even without Miller’s involvement, “The Flash” would still have LGBTQ representation since Page is transgender while Miller is non-binary. Another fan said: “I feel like some people just fancast Elliot Page as The Flash because they like him and want to get rid of Ezra Miller. But I really think he could do it.”

Grant Gustin has also been suggested for playing Barry Allen on The CW’s The Flash. However, this could cause some confusion as the film and television versions of the character are set in different universes. No matter what happens, it may be a while before we hear an official announcement.