Fans have a lot to say about Jamie Lynn Spears’ new TV appearance

With the amount of press and drama following Jamie Lynn Spears, you might already be under the impression that she’s a reality TV star. Jamie Lynn was vocal about the situation during Britney Spears’ fight for her Conservatorship exemption. She appeared on Good Morning America to claim that she was “only ever loved and supported [Britney] and done what is right with her.”

Despite Jamie Lynn’s claim, Britney appeared to have set the record straight in a dodgy Instagram post. In her caption (via Us Weekly), the singer wrote, “There’s nothing worse than when the people closest to you who have never shown up for you are posting things related to your situation, whatever it may be, and sincerely speak for support.”

Britney finally seemed to forgive her sister and instead chose to focus on love. In an Instagram statement (via PopCrave), Britney wrote, “All I know is that I love you unconditionally! So go ahead and say what you want. It’s so sticky for a family to fight so publicly!” Despite Britney’s firing, Jamie Lynn remains a villain in the eyes of many of her fans…which means Fox’s decision to cast her for a reality show doesn’t sit well.

Jamie Lynn Spears will compete with Special Forces

According to Variety, Fox has greenlit a new reality show. Tentatively titled Special Forces: The Ultimate Test, the series follows an eclectic cast of celebrities as they take on challenges that mimic the most intense of training camp activities. The group of contenders includes everyone from a former Trump aide to a former “Bachelorette” to Jamie Lynn Spears himself.

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As TMZ reports, the show will present its contestants with endless physical and mental challenges. In addition to the training aspects, they are denied traditional plumbing and given a sheet and metal bar for a bed.

Fans have mixed reactions. One didn’t like that the controversial character was even given a platform: “Nobody wants to see JL anywhere… She’s going to ruin this show.” Others questioned her ability to compete effectively, writing, “I don’t think Phonie Lynn is made for it.” Another wrote, “Who is her stunt double?” It’s clear the internet has yet to forgive Jamie Lynn, but perhaps the grueling competition will provide the character development they crave.