Ezra Miller faces serious consequences in a new set of legal troubles

The last we heard from embattled actor Ezra Miller, her return to the big screen in 2023’s ‘The Flash’ was well on track. With the non-binary actor reportedly filming additional photos as recently as October, the $200 million blockbuster seems determined to keep Miller in the title role despite his ongoing legal troubles. After a string of arrests and allegations of assault, foster care and child endangerment, Miller finally broke her silence about her tumultuous year in August. In a statement through her rep, Miller announced they were seeking treatment for “complex mental health issues,” per Rolling Stone.

Despite Miller’s proclamation that they are on the path to redemption and recovery, their legal troubles will continue for a while. On Aug. 7, the actor was charged by Vermont state police with a May burglary charge — the most serious she has received to date. Citing witness testimony and surveillance footage, police amassed enough probable grounds to charge Miller with moving to an unoccupied home in Stamford, Vt. burgled and stole bottles of alcohol from Variety.

Because Miller was slated to face charges in the Vermont Superior Court, their court date eventually came and went — and they could face dire consequences.

Could Ezra Miller Face Jail Time?

Ezra Miller could face a hefty jail sentence if she’s convicted of burglary in August. “The Flash” star pleaded not guilty by deadline in a remote appearance on Oct. 17 in Vermont Superior Court. Accused of breaking into the home of neighbor Isaac Winokurs in Stamford, Vt., in May and stealing three bottles of gin, vodka and rum, Miller’s defendants face a maximum sentence of 26 years in prison (as well as a fine of over $2,000). ) proven.

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As Miller awaits their next court date, Superior Court Judge Kerry A. McDonald-Cady asked them to agree to five terms. Most notable among those terms was the agreement that Miller would not contact Winokur or any other Vermont resident, Aiden Early, “by phone, in person, email, text, social media posting.” They were also forbidden to abuse or harass Winokur and Early in any way.

Fans online have expressed skepticism that Miller will bear the brunt of the 26-year sentence. “Ezra will not see the inside of a prison cell for more than 5 seconds,” one tweeted. Another pointed to Miller’s alleged white privilege when they wrote, “Miller is just one of thousands of white people in Hollywood who won’t be held accountable for the harm they cause.” “Insecure” star Issa Rae had previously expressed similar sentiments when speaking in the October issue of Elle. Miller, Rae said, is a microcosmic example of “how far Hollywood will go to save itself and protect criminals.”