Erika Jayne just faced more legal troubles

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the perfect place to address messy relationships, endless drama and over-the-top glamour. Season 11, however, was filled to the brim with another juicy storyline: lots and lots of litigation. As Vulture recaps, “RHOBH” mainstay Erika Jayne filed for divorce from her husband Tom Girardi in November 2020. Just a month later, the heartbreak was overshadowed by allegations that the divorce could be a plan to protect the couple’s money from looming legal troubles.

While Jayne denied the claims, the Los Angeles Times soon broke the news that Girardi’s assets would be frozen as he had embezzled millions of dollars he owed his clients. To add insult to injury, Girardi was injured, according to E! News.

And while Girardi’s ex-wife has largely avoided the headlines, she could soon be the last to lose money because of him. New court filings are pointing the finger at her, with suspicions she may have known more about her husband’s dealings than she’s letting on.

Erika Jayne is facing a $55 million lawsuit

Erika Jayne had previously been named in court cases alongside estranged husband Tom Girardi, who claimed his wrongdoing funded both lifestyles. As People reported in January, a plaintiff demanded that Jayne hand over her $750,000 gift of earrings that had been secretly charged to a client account. Still, Jayne and her legal team have long been steadfast in controlling the narrative. “I am concerned that everyone is jumping to conclusions about Erika, who is innocent, and trying to blame her for the actions of others,” said her attorney, Evan C. Borges. “The trustee has no claim that Erika innocently received earrings 15 years ago from her now estranged and then extraordinarily wealthy husband.”

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Yet the victims of the system have not given up hope of retribution. According to Us Weekly, a new court filing alleges, “Erika knew about the program, wanted to participate in it and — critically — share in its profits.” The document further added, “Despite her public claims that she and Tom spend their own money, the show Financial records show more than $25 million of their own expenses were paid by Girardi Keese [Girardi’s firm] to promote the illegal plan of the Girardi family company.”

The lawsuit is seeking $55 million in damages, but Jayne doesn’t seem to be breaking a sweat. The Daily Mail recently spotted her for a spa treatment. Time will tell if her calm demeanor, like her husband’s law practice, is a facade.