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Dream Girl Full Movie Download HD 720p Filmywap Ganduworld:

Since he was a small boy, Karamveer “Karam” Singh (Ayushmann Khurrana) has consistently landed female main roles in plays, including Radha in Krishnaleela and Sita in The Ramayan. Although he resists each time, he does these parts since they are paid handsomely even though he is unemployed right now and would rather play a much smaller, masculine character. Running a booze store, his friend Smiley (Manjot Singh) assists him in all of his undertakings. His father, Jagjeet Singh (Annu Kapoor), has a business selling funeral supplies and is heavily indebted to several banks. He is unable to repay the EMIs because of the poor turnover.

Karam notices a job advertisement after leaving a job interview that didn’t go well, promising a salary of Rs. 70,000 per month. He arrives to the specified place, but Mauji “W Ji” (Rajesh Sharma), the boss, dismisses him without asking about his qualifications. After much pleading from Karamveer, Mauji eventually gives in and shows him the call center where only women work. People that phone the call center, primarily guys without romantic partners in reality, are fed their fantasies by the call center.

Although stunned, Karamveer soon regains his composure and answers a call in a female voice for Ms. Pooja, a contact center employee who is regularly out of the office. His talent impresses Mauji, who recruits him right away and pays him Rs. 25,000 in advance. In addition to giving his father the advance cash, Karamveer informs him that he has a job at an MNC. The news makes his father pleased, and Karam rejoices with his friend Smiley. Later on in the job, he gains a solid following thanks to his endearing voice and astute mental acumen.

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At his customer’s home, when he went to deliver the goods ordered from his father’s store, he runs across Mahi (Nushrat Bharucha). He is entranced by her attractiveness and manages to get her attention with some clever remarks. Later, while they wait in line, they run into each other, and Karam immediately wins her over with his hilarious demeanor. The two quickly fall in love, and they soon become engaged.

At work, Karam has a few frequent callers, including Toto, a spoiled child, Rajpal, a policeman by trade who writes couplets, Roma, a magazine editor, Jagjeet, Karam’s father, and Mahinder, Mahi’s brother. After first being unaware of their true identities, Karam ultimately comes into contact with them and is shocked to learn who they are. Everyone eventually develops an obsession with Karam’s impersonation of Pooja due to her endearing voice and amiable demeanor. All of them fall in love with Pooja and want to wed her.

With such invasive inquiries, Karam is ready to give up. His boss, Mauji, refuses his resignation and threatens to reveal his name to his neighborhood, endangering his marriage. When Karam learns that Mahi’s brother Mahinder is also an admirer of Pooja, his plan to tell Mahi everything backfires. He reasoned that if he spoke brutally to his calls, they would accept their circumstances and quit contacting him. This decision backfires when Pooja becomes the center of attention, Toto makes an attempt on his life, and Rajpal considers leaving his wife.

Dream Girl Full Movie

In an effort to dissuade these individuals from marrying Pooja, Karamveer begins threatening them, ordering them to keep away from Pooja or else face the repercussions.

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In one such instance, Pooja is shown by Karamveer as telling Roma that she loves her lover Anurag. Roma is adamant about meeting Anurag so she may assess his character. In the guise of Anurag, Karamveer meets Roma at a mall. Following the meeting, he runs into Mahinder, who is shopping at the mall.

Mahinder overhears Roma and Karam talking, and he tells Mahi, who is also at the mall. When Mahi discloses that she is engaged to Karam and his dishonesty is revealed, Roma, who is already dubious about Karamveer aka Anurag’s integrity, informs Mahi that Karam is engaged to Pooja. When Karamveer is unable to explain the issue to Mahi, she leaves the mall in tears. In the mall, confusion erupts, and Pooja’s identity remains hazy.

Mahi is pursued by Karam, who then brings her to his office and explains everything. She slaps Mauji in front of his crew after he mistreats Mahi. Mauji is more incensed by Karamveer’s defense of Mahi and his exit from the workplace. Mahi and Karamveer make amends. Later, she goes to the performance where Radha is played by Karam. Rajpal shows up at the play’s conclusion with Mauji, who says Karam murdered Pooja. Karam reads a couplet by Rajpal. Rajpal is surprised that just Pooja and him shared the couplet.

Karam admits that he has been pretending to be Pooja for the entire time. Karam then delivers an emotive statement about how lonely people are becoming. When Roma arrives with the real Pooja, she reveals Mauji, who Rajpal had just detained. It is revealed to Toto, Mahinder, Jagjeet, and Roma that Karam has been pretending to be Pooja all along. Mahi finally consents to wed Karam.

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