Drake is letting people talk about his unexpected Instagram exchange with Jeff Bezos

Here’s an unlikely duo: Drake and Jeff Bezos. Well, it’s not that unlikely. After all, we’re talking about two wildly famous and wealthy celebrities. And while it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing a Drake-Bezos rap collab anytime soon, it’s not a far-fetched notion that their paths will cross. In fact, their paths have already crossed. In 2021, the rapper and Amazon founder made a big cash investment in Overtime, a sports media company that includes original sports content on social media and a paid youth basketball league, according to CNBC.

And just recently, the two made headlines again. But this time the circumstances were much more relaxed. On July 6th, Drake (known as Champagne Papi on Instagram) posted two throwback pics with the caption, “Gotta start somewhere.” The first image shows Drake standing by a door marked 1503, partially turned towards the camera. According to Complex, this very Toronto apartment was a place of humble beginnings for Drake, as much of the tracking for the rapper’s third mixtape, “So Far Gone,” went down with producer Noah “40” Shebib in apartment 1503 at 15 Fort York. On his song “Know Yourself,” Drake raps “15 Fort York s***, y’know?”

The second picture is even more of a flashback. The backdrop looks straight out of the 90s; An old computer sits on a messy table, a scrawled “Amazon.com” banner adorns the wall, and a younger Bezos appears to be at work. How did people react to this unexpected Instagram post featuring Bezos and Drake?

Drake and Jeff Bezos exchanged playful comments

Underneath Drake’s Instagram post, Jeff Bezos commented, “Started from the bottom now we’re here,” a double entender referring to the rapper’s hit single “Started from the Bottom.” Drake couldn’t contain his excitement and replied: “Holyyy Jeff knows about the man no one can chat with me today!!! Big Bezos in the comments.” Drake and Bezos had a playful moment and clearly shared a connection across their career paths that made them big shots. Big shot might be a sticky word for Bezos, who has a net worth of $140 billion, according to Forbes. As Drake said, you have to start somewhere! And Bezos did just that — the outlet also states that the former CEO originally started Amazon out of his garage. The rest is history.

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As for the fans? They certainly wanted to be included in the Bezos-Drake love fest. Celebrities wanted to be there too. Actor Issa Rae commented with the goat emoji (GOAT = Greatest Of All Time), which was a very popular response. While some fans were motivated and inspired by the post, other people joked about Bezos’ old-school desk setup. One user commented, “I wonder if Jeffrey used those colorful Hotmail fonts.” Another person said, “The Bezos surge game scares me a lot.” Luckily for Bezos, he eventually got a major upgrade.