Dorit Kemsley’s Husband Gives Shady Response to Erika Jayne’s Marriage Diss

The housewives – and their husbands – keep things a little too real. Lately, the signature drama of the Real Housewives franchise hasn’t been limited to the television show. During BravoCon 2022, some of the series’ most famous personalities showed up to stir the pot. Erika Jayne, who has faced a slew of controversy alongside her estranged husband, decided to turn the spotlight on another Beverly Hills couple when she was asked a controversial question.

In a video posted to Twitter, Jayne can be seen responding to an on-screen question that reads, “Which Bravolebrity relationship do you think is next up after Splitsville?” The singer wasted no time in announcing her response : “Dorit and PK.”

As summarized by Us Weekly, Dorit and Paul “PK” Kemsley met in 2011. Since marrying in 2015, they’ve stayed strong, refusing to become part of the housewife’s “curse” — a superstition stemming from that over 35 couples once involved with the franchise, they filed for divorce. Needless to say, when Jayne pointed the finger at these longtime lovebirds, they had a lot to say.

Paul Kemsley defended his marriage and shadowed Erika Jayne

You know what they say about throwing rocks out of glass houses! For months, Erika Jayne has been under intense scrutiny after her former husband was accused of fraud. According to People, Jayne was suspected of “aiding and abetting” the crimes, though she didn’t accept responsibility. Key evidence against Jayne was her possession of $750,000 in earrings, which the Daily Mail said were purchased with stolen money.

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Paul “PK” Kemsley capitalized on all this drama as he took to Instagram to defend his marriage. “Erika Jayne thought her husband was innocent,” his cheeky caption began. “She thought she should keep the earrings. Now she thinks that Dorit and I are going to split up next…. Here’s a quick management tip… stop thinking!” Dorit, meanwhile, commented on a fan uploading the clip. “Misery loves company,” she joked. “What else can [I] to say.”

Jayne popped up in PK’s comments section and seemingly dismissed her response as frivolous. “When did you become so touchy?” She wrote. “You know damn well I was joking.” Fans had mixed opinions on whether or not they bought this excuse. Some seem to have discovered a trick behind the scenes: “It all sounds so far-fetched,” commented one fan.