Dorit Kemsley fires back at Erika Jayne’s scathing opinion about her marriage

There’s always plenty of drama for the cast of the hit series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley are two of the most talked about women on the show, and they’ve had their ups and downs. During an interview with PopCulture in January, Kemsley explained that while there are “ebbs and flows” in their relationships, she was in a good place with two of her enemies. “Even if you’re having drama or hiccups with some friends, you can always get over it, move on, as long as both people want it,” she shared. “And I’m happy to say that with both Erika and Garcelle, we’ve been able to get over it and things are great.”

But things are a little sketchy now. In one of the most viral moments of BravoCon 2022, Jayne took the stage to shout out to Kemsley in a now viral video shared by Queens of Bravo. The question “What do you think Bravolebrity relationship is next after Splitsville?” popped up on screen as Jayne stood on stage to a full house and said “Dorit and PK” into the mic before walking back to her seat. The crowd gasped, and it’s safe to say the video for Jayne sparked even more controversy amid her legal troubles with ex-husband Tom Girardi. But Kemsley hasn’t kept quiet about Jayne’s burn and has been clapping back on social media.

Dorit Kemsley beats Erika Jayne

Dorit Kemsley never shuts up when it comes to standing up for herself. The mother-of-two took to task an Instagram fan account called Cici Loves You after he posted the clip of Erika Jayne dissing on stage at BravoCon. In the clip, Jayne said she thought Paul “PK” Kemsley and Dorit would be the next Bravo couple heading to Splitsville. “Misery loves company. What else can I say,” Dorit clapped back in the comments. “Our friends, the ones who really know us, know what we have and who we are.”

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Several people have seen Dorit’s comment and it has already generated several reactions, many of which are supportive of Dorit. “Damned. It sucks you defended her and now she’s turning you around,” one person commented. “Don’t give him energy, this woman is pure envy and toxicity because of her life choices,” added another user. Another chimed in, saying: “Yikes! You’ve been her staunch supporter, and this is how she repays you. All for one and Erika for Erika…”

Dorit was also present at BravoCon 2022, and the drama with Jayne wasn’t the only thing that followed. According to People, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills panel was almost canceled. “There was an issue where we were unable to clear the room after a panel ended while the audience filled in for the ‘RHOBH’ panel, resulting in an overcapacity issue,” Bravo said in a statement. But as you can see, the show went on!