Donald Trump’s reaction to Kanye West’s latest behavior is revealing

Rapper Kanye “Ye” West undoubtedly has a history of controversy and inflammatory statements that were perhaps no clearer than when he began associating with then-President Donald Trump. For example, in 2018, Trump held a famous meeting with Ye – who wore a red MAGA hat – in the Oval Office. Ye compared the President to Superman and told him he “love[d] This guy right here” before hugging him. Trump himself said that Ye could “very well” be a future presidential candidate, and later called him “a friend of mine.”

However, Ye, who suffers from bipolar disorder and has previously said he refused to take his prescribed medication, has found himself in serious trouble in recent weeks over some highly anti-Semitic remarks. He also publicly wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt – a phrase strongly associated with white supremacy in the United States. And now the former president — who’s famous for allying himself with those who support him — has some choice words for the rapper.

Donald Trump says Kanye West went too far

In the wake of Kanye “Ye” West’s controversial and anti-Semitic remarks that got him suspended from Instagram and Twitter, former President Donald Trump has told several people close to him that the rapper is acting “too crazy” and even needs “help” to Rolling Stone. Although the former president’s daughter (and probably favorite child) and son-in-law are Jewish, Trump nonetheless also has a history of problematic comments about the very things that got Ye into trouble.

For example, on the weekend of October 16, he wrote on his Truth Social platform that American Jews “must pull themselves together” and support Israel more: “Before it’s too late!” He also berated the Jews for not giving him enough supported, and wrote: “No President has done more for Israel than I have. Somewhat surprisingly, however, our wonderful evangelicals appreciate it far more than people of the Jewish faith.” Additionally, while Trump has not said anything publicly specifically about the phrase “White Lives Matter,” Trump has used the phrase “Black Lives Matter” as “ symbol of hate” and many white supremacists are quick to adopt the phrase “White Lives”. Matter” have expressed their support for Trump.

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Furthermore, per Rolling Stone, Trump has apparently privately hinted that it would be best if he kept his mouth shut about the rapper for now, which explains why he’s refrained from contributing publicly to the Ye drama.