Doja Cat isn’t shy about her feelings for a Stranger Things star

Introducing a new character on a popular TV show isn’t always easy, as fans can often be skeptical. With Stranger Things, fans have been following a band of kids for four seasons and are pretty much locked into their established dynamic. Needless to say, Joseph Quinn was under pressure to perform when he joined the cast as Eddie Munson.

But while Eddie made plenty of enemies on the show, Quinn was a hit with viewers. In fact, the way he delivered one of his lines was so iconic it became a viral TikTok sound, and videos using it have garnered more than 473 million collective views as of this writing. His Instagram, despite only being active for eight weeks, has gained 4.7 million followers. The comments section of his first post was filled with appreciation for his acting and good looks.

It turns out it’s not just Stranger Things superfans who are interested in the 29-year-old English actor. Music enthusiast Doja Cat fell in love while Eddie shredded his guitar in Netflix’s record-breaking supernatural drama.

Doja Cat comes on for Joseph Quinn’s DMs

Doja Cat has never been shy about chasing after what she wants. She famously got Taco Bell to add Mexican pizza back to their menu with a catchy TikTok rap. Perhaps it’s no wonder she fell in love with Joseph Quinn, who portrays the exuberant music lover Eddie Munson. She didn’t hold back in sharing her love for the actor, either, taking to Twitter to write, “Joseph Quinn is fine as shit.” The simple message received more than 17,000 retweets, but Doja let one go Don’t put off small competition.

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A fan created a TikTok with a since-deleted tweet from Doja, in which “Kiss Me More” singer Quinn once again expressed his appreciation. Noah Schnapp, one of Quinn’s Stranger Things co-stars, decided to stitch the video together and provide more insight into Doja’s obsession. He leaked a screenshot of the artist’s Instagram direct messages, which began, “Noah, can you say Joseph to Hmu. wait no Does he have a girlfriend?”

Schnapp was perfectly willing to play matchmaker. “LMAOO will be moved to his DMS,” he replied. When Doja said she didn’t know Quinn’s Instagram or Twitter name, Schnapp provided a direct link with an accommodating “Here, ma’am.” Slipping into someone’s DMs isn’t quite the same as going upside down, but it can still be intimidating. Good luck to Doja Cat!