Disturbing allegations about Armie Hammer’s family come to light

In the 2010s, Armie Hammer was one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors. After starring in numerous critically acclaimed films like The Birth of a Nation, The Man from UNCLE and Call Me By Your Name, Hammer seems to be cementing his status as the A-list king. However, in 2021, his rise in the industry seemingly ground to a halt after several women accused him of abuse and violent sexual fantasies.

In January 2021, an anonymous Instagram user uploaded screenshots of messages Hammer sent her, allegedly asking her to “obey” him and be his “slave” (per the Daily Mail). Hammer also told the unidentified person that he was “100% a cannibal.” Shortly after the troubling news made headlines, two other women named Paige Lorenze and Effie Angelova also accused the actor of abuse, with the latter claiming she was raped by him in 2017, per Us Weekly. “He often tested my devotion to him and pushed my limits as he became increasingly violent and using me,” she said during a news conference.

On September 2, Discovery+ released its shocking three-part documentary “House of Hammer,” which explores the rise and fall of the “Entourage” actor. But alongside Hammer’s alleged exploits, the documentary also sheds light on his family’s dark and troubling past.

Casey Hammer says that the Hammer men have an ingrained darkness

Ever since Discovery+ announced its new docu-series, House of Hammer, pop culture enthusiasts have been rushing to uncover the troubled history of the Hammer men. On September 2nd, the highly-anticipated project finally premiered on the streamer and features stunning reveals about Armie Hammer, his grandfather Julian and his great-grandfather Armand. The project also includes testimonies from Armie’s alleged sexual abuse victims and his aunt Casey.

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Courtney Vucekovich, who dated the actor in 2020, said she felt “humiliated” at times during their relationship (via Entertainment Weekly). The business owner also recalled the time she felt “immobilized” by Armie after he tied her in ropes despite her discomfort. “I closed my eyes until it ended,” she said. In a confessional, Casey revealed she wasn’t shocked by the allegations against Armie, before saying his behavior was “deep-rooted.” “Every generation of my family has been involved in dark misdeeds, and it just keeps getting worse and worse,” she added.

In addition to Armie’s alleged abuse, the documentary highlights Julian’s abusive behavior towards Casey and Armand’s history as an informant for the KGB. Armie’s father, Michael Hammer, has also been accused of hosting orgies and having a “six-foot-tall sex throne” with a cage underneath. Following the documentary’s release, Casey Salon opened up about her hopes for the series. “If I can help a child or victim know they are heard and not alone, then it’s all worth it,” she said.