Did Austin Butler and Ezra Miller physically fight in Tokyo?

Ezra Miller has been the focus of many disturbing allegations in 2022… and other celebrities are being sucked into the whirlwind of speculation surrounding them. In a now-deleted tweet (via TMZ), in late June, a Twitter user claimed to have seen “Elvis” star Austin Butler engage in a physical fight with Miller. “I saw Austin Butler & #EzraMiller fight in a pub here in Tokyo,” the fan wrote, claiming that Miller reached out to Butler first. “Ezra then said something that Austin was clearly unhappy about. He punched Ezra, which made Ezra angry,” continued his narration.

After Miller’s friends allegedly restrained them, they were escorted out of the bar while “Butler and his group stayed for a few more hours with no problem,” the report continued. Another user also tweeted a corroborating version of this story, quipping that Miller “escaped Hawaii and came to terrorize Tokyo.”

Butler was actually in Tokyo at the time promoting “Elvis” along with his cast and crew, which may explain why the story was circulating on the Reddit forums and Instagram gossip slinger Deuxmoi. But now the truth about what really happened — or the lack of it — has come out.

Austin Butler isn’t one of Ezra Miller’s many worries right now

Austin Butler apparently didn’t beat Ezra Miller. Despite the rumor that quickly spread, an insider close to Butler told the Daily Beast on June 30 that not only had he and Miller never met in Tokyo, Butler never visited a pub during his stay in Japan’s capital. TMZ also reported that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is unaware of the rumored altercation.

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Ironically, on the same day that the Butler feud rumors were debunked, Variety published accounts of two women that Miller allegedly terrorized. One was choked by Miller outside an Icelandic bar in a video that has now gone viral in 2020. The unnamed woman said she and her friends were joking with the actor before things went wrong, claiming: “All of a sudden, [they’re] on me, choke me, still scream in my face.”

The second wife, Nadia, told Variety that after a two-year friendship, she invited Miller to visit her home in Berlin in February. Things reportedly got ugly when Nadia didn’t let the “Flash” star smoke in her apartment. “That just irritated her,” Nadia claimed. “I’ve asked her to leave about 20 times, maybe more.” After some colorful insults and allegedly taunting Nadia by “spreading tobacco leaves on the floor,” the actor left when she called the police. All very worrying indeed.