Denise Richards reveals her motivation behind Charlie Sheen’s divorce

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were once one of the sexiest couples in Hollywood. Fittingly, like many showbiz romances, the couple met while filming a show. According to People, Sheen and Richards starred opposite each other in 2000’s “Good Advice.” They hit it off a year later after Richards guest-starred on Sheen’s show Spin City. In 2002, Entertainment Weekly reported that the two tied the knot at producer Gary David Goldberg’s home.

During their marriage, the couple welcomed two daughters – Sami and Lola Sheen. Unfortunately, Richards filed for divorce in 2005 while she was pregnant with their daughter, Lola. “We are deeply saddened by the recent events and out of love and concern for our daughter Sam, our unborn child and each other, we ask that you respect our privacy at this difficult time,” Sheen’s rep told People at the time. The couple cited the reason for their divorce as “irreconcilable differences,” which we’ve seen in many high-profile breakups. Richards also sought “legal and physical custody” of the couple’s two daughters.

In the years following their divorce, Richards and Sheen have still found their relationship the focus of numerous headlines, including in 2015 when Sheen called Richards the “worst mom alive” and an “evil terrorist” to E! On-line. And it didn’t stop there; People reported that Richards sued Sheen for $1.2 million in 2016 for not financially supporting her girls. But what was the catalyst behind it indeed Divorce?

Denise Richards opens up about Charlie Sheen’s divorce

Denise Richards spills tea on what went wrong in her relationship with Charlie Sheen. In August, the former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star appeared on Caroline Stanbury’s Divorced Not Dead podcast. The two women chatted about the details of Richards and Sheen’s divorce and why Richards pulled the plug. “I was like, ‘Would I want my daughters to be married to this man?'” Richards recalled. “No offense, but I think he would take that and understand what I’m saying, and that’s when I was like, ‘Well, why do I accept that?'” Interestingly, Richards said the two got back together briefly, but the relationship was “poisonous”. And while Richards knew she ultimately made the best decision for her family, she still questioned her decision, noting that she “felt guilty about splitting the family unit” and that she “struggled with it for years.” “.

According to People, Richards also opened up about her divorce from Sheen in the confessional on an episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” “When I became pregnant with Lola, things started to change quickly. It was a very dark time and very toxic,” she admitted to Sheen’s drug and alcohol relapse. These days, the couple seems to be in a better place, and in a 2022 interview with Us Weekly, Richards said, “I’m always in a good place with him” about her co-parenting relationship with her ex.

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