Denise Richards makes it clear if there’s any hope for Lisa Rinna’s reconciliation

If you’ve ever wondered if any of the “Real Housewives” drama that happens on screen will continue once the cameras stop rolling, let us point you to the major row between Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna. The two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars’ on-air feud ended a 20-year off-screen friendship. Rinna has hinted that she’d love to fix fences with her old friend, but what about Richards?

The rift began in season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which was Richards’ second year as part of the cast. Brandi Glanville, another former castmate and powerhouse of the reality TV drama in human form, claimed she and Richards had an affair — while Richards was still married to her husband. Richards denied the story, but Rinna appeared to side with Glanville, angrily confronting her friend about the cease and desist letter Richards appeared to have sent to Glanville, per Us Weekly. (It’s the “Real Housewives”, thought these fights would be straightforward?)

Rinna eventually apologized to Richards, which she proved with screenshots of text in an Instagram story (via Us Weekly). Now Richards has spoken candidly about how she feels about the debacle today and whether she’s willing to forgive and forget.

Denise Richards says she can’t be friends with Rinna

Denise Richards opened it all up on Real Housewives of Dubai star Caroline Stanbury’s Divorced Not Dead podcast. She spoke to Lisa Rinna, the feud, her regrets and the future. “I was so devastated to lose a 20-year friendship with Lisa Rinna,” Richards said. “That’s the truth and that’s why I was so excited for my second season.” Richards watched the episodes after filming was completed and said she was hurt again to see what Rinna said. “But more than that, it was what Rinna did to me in the press and on her social media and stuff. It got me down. Like girls it’s a reality show what do you do?”

Shortly after filming the Season 10 reunion show, Rinna definitely didn’t hold back on her IG stories. For example, she appeared to call Richards “wrong” in one Hollywood Life.

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Richards said the argument was so devastating that after reuniting in season 10, she made the decision not to return to the show for another year. And the future of their friendship doesn’t look any better. “I haven’t spoken to her,” Richards said. “She reached out to me last year, I think. She apologized, but that doesn’t mean everything’s okay.” Richards admitted, “I miss her. I miss our old friendship.” But now, she said, she could not be friends with Rinna again.