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National wrestling champion Mahavir Singh Phogat lives in Balali, Haryana, and is a former amateur wrestler who was trained in the pehlwani style of Indian wrestling. To find a job that pays well, his typical Indian father makes him give up his sport. He promises his unborn baby will receive a medal after feeling defeated at not being able to represent his nation. He loses faith after learning he has four daughters. However, when his elder daughters Geeta and Babita return from attacking two boys in reaction to disparaging remarks, he recognizes they have the ability to be wrestlers and starts training them.

His regimen, which includes arduous morning workouts and short, forced haircuts, appears severe. He continues to work with them, instructing them in his homemade mud pit despite opposition from the townspeople. The daughters initially take offense at their father’s behavior, but they quickly come to understand that he is concerned about their future. Motivated, they voluntarily take part in wrestling competitions where they triumph over boys. Mahavir teaches the wrestlers in freestyle wrestling on mattresses since he cannot afford to buy wrestling mats for them to use during competitions. After winning the junior and senior titles at the state and national levels, Geeta then traveled to Patiala’s National Sports Academy to begin her preparations for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

When she gets there, Geeta makes friends and, under pressure from her coach Pramod Kadam, whose training regimen and wrestling tactics are entirely different from those of her father, starts to violate the discipline established by Mahavir. She thus loses every international match. During a visit home, she brutally beats an obviously worn-out Mahavir after egotistically taunting him. Babita explains to Geeta that she made a mistake and that she ought to respect Mahavir. Babita wins the national title shortly after and joins Geeta in the academy. Geeta tearfully reconciles with Mahavir after the two sisters have an emotional talk in which Babita offers her support.

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Prior to the Commonwealth Games, Geeta is compelled by Pramod to compete in the 51 kg weight division rather than her regular 55 kg division. Angered by this, Mahavir leaves for Patiala with his nephew Omkar and starts instructing the females covertly. When Pramod learns of this and learns of Mahavir’s meddling, he is incensed and demands the girls be ejected; the sports authority gives a warning but permits them to continue. Both Mahavir and the females are prohibited from leaving the academy. Geeta receives coaching over the phone from Mahavir, who is determined to keep helping his daughters. Geeta is given footage of her prior unsuccessful matches.

Geeta enters the final with ease in the games while competing in the 55 kg division. As she watches in the audience, Mahavir frequently deviates from Pramod’s orders, but she always abides by those of her father. Pramod, who is envious, plans to confine Mahavir to a room just before the gold medal match.

Geeta is able to take the first session of the fight but falls short in the second. She recalls the strategies her father taught her and a 5-pointer with nine seconds remaining in the last session and a 1-5 deficit. She then executes the strategy on her opponent in the final three seconds to make the score 6-5 in her favor and win the session and the match 2-1. Her achievement makes her the first female wrestler from India to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. Pramod’s ambitions of gaining attention from the media are dashed when Mahavir unexpectedly returns and hugs his daughters.

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