Cosmetic Surgeon Opens Up on Jennifer Lopez’s Botox Denial Controversy – Exclusive

Jennifer Lopez’s strikingly beautiful looks have seemingly captivated fans for a while. However, Lopez recently came under fire after she posted a clip on her Instagram account promoting her skincare line, JLO Beauty. In response to the video, a fan suggested that Lopez had “tons” of botox on his face (via BuzzFeed). Unhappy with the fan’s insinuation, Lopez gave a lengthy response to the allegation.

“For the 500 millionth time, I’ve never had botox or injections or surgery,” Lopez replied. She then went on to say that being “more positive” and “kind” is key to maintaining her youthful looks. However, this isn’t the first time Lopez has revealed her beauty secrets. During an interview with People in 2016, the Marry Me actress revealed that in addition to her skincare routine, she also drinks water and exercises regularly.

Now a plastic surgeon is weighing the conspiracy surrounding Lopez’s timeless looks — and his comment might come as a shock to some.

It’s impossible to tell if Jennifer Lopez has botox

dr Carl Truesdale of Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills reviewed a recent clip of Jennifer Lopez on ABC’s “Nightline” and noted that it’s “impossible” to tell if Lopez has had botox or if she just has good genes. “It’s hard to tell if she’s had botox or just not animated with a lot of movement,” said Dr. Truesdale. “The goal of a good Botox treatment is not to completely paralyze the muscle. In any case, she is aging well and it is impossible to tell if she is having a good botox treatment or just natural restricted facial movement/movement.”

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dr Truesdale went on to explain that while Lopez appears to have limited movement in the areas of her forehead and eyebrows, this is not proof that she has undergone any cosmetic procedures. However, the Los Angeles-based surgeon also noted that the number of younger patients looking for preventive treatment plans continues to grow. “We call this prejuvenation, the concept of preventing signs of aging with specific techniques, treatments and procedures.”

dr Truesdale’s opinion follows a recent announcement from Joe Jonas, who revealed he had recently started using injectables. The DNCE frontman is currently starring in a campaign for injectable brand Xeomin and has made no secret of his skincare routine. “I liked that it took some of the pressure off of the area and I was like, ‘Okay, that’s great,’ without it being too much for my liking,” Jonas told People.