Christina Hall and her new husband prove their romance isn’t cooling off anytime soon

Christina Hall and her husband Josh Hall fell hard in love when they started dating. Following ex-husband Ant Anstead’s divorce, the HGTV star was spotted with her new boyfriend in July 2021. The relationship was behind closed doors. “They’ve been dating for a few months,” a source told Page Six at the time. A few months after their relationship was made public, the “Flip or Flop” host gushed about her boyfriend on Instagram for his birthday. “You give me that youthful love vibe and manly protection. It’s a combination for a lifetime of happiness and success,” she wrote in the caption, alongside a photo of the couple embracing on the beach, posted in September 2021. A day later, Christina announced in a separate Instagram post that she and Josh were engaged.

The couple decided to forego an extravagant wedding and tied the knot in secret. In April, TMZ revealed that Christina and Josh were married “sometime in the last 6 months.”

Shortly after their marriage was confirmed, Josh posted a pool of him holding his wife on Instagram. “This woman, who may I call mine, is simply amazing,” he wrote. “She doesn’t need validation from anyone and certainly doesn’t allow it from anyone [sic] Disapproval affects what she does with HER life.” A few months later, the newlyweds continued to flatter each other while their love seemed to only grow stronger.

The couple shared touching posts

Christina Hall and Josh Hall took a romantic trip to celebrate the ‘Christina in the Country’ star’s birthday. The couple visited the quaint Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur and uploaded snaps with several scenic shots. On July 8, Christina posted an Instagram photo of herself and Josh sharing a passionate kiss in the water. “Last year in my 30s…dating one [bang emoji]’ she wrote in the caption. The couple appeared to be enjoying their time together as the HGTV celebrity added several slides to her Instagram Stories, including a picture of her and Josh holding hands at a restaurant. Another snap showed Josh wrapping his arms around his wife as they stood near a cave. Christina re-shared a video her husband uploaded of him following her down a beach with “I can’t get enough of her” in the caption.

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Josh commemorated his wife’s birthday with an Instagram post on July 9. The couple held each other while posing in front of a lodge at the Post Ranch Inn. For the caption, Josh mentioned how the couple decided to keep the celebrations relatively low-key. “No party, no crazy event, just you + me partying,” he wrote. “Finishing my 30s+ with you forever,” Christina replied in the comments section.

On her most recent birthday, in July 2021, the “Flip or Flop” host took the opportunity to gush about Josh. Christina wrote on Instagram, “When we met last spring, the synchronicity hit us so hard and fast it was impossible to ignore.”